Best PDF Conversion-Creation-Editing Software with OCR, Free Viewer

There are many professional PDF creation tools in the market which lets you create PDF documents, edit them, convert to them from images and other document formats. Each of these have their  advantages and useful features  and yet limitations.  Out of these many, I found SodaPDF, which is an excellent PDF creation-conversion app with OCR scanning and do more that some competing apps.

SodaPDF : Create and Edit Professional Quality PDF Docs Easily

Some of the features that make it a powerful PDF software…

FREE – View and Create : An easy-to-use interface, its a great alternative to other sluggish and less intuitive PDF readers. You can access and save files from the cloud. The Create Module lets you generate PDF from Word, Excel, PowerPoint and 300+ file formats including all image types or directly from a scanner and read .ePUB and comic book files.

Download the Free Edition : SodaPdf : Free PDF Creator

Edit Module : A powerful Edit Module that allows you to make modifications directly in your PDF file without the need to export it or copy the content to another format. You can add, edit or move text and image in your PDF with drag drop. It also supports font type, size and style changes and splitting PDFs into multiple documents.

Forms Module : Something you don’t see in many similar PDF creation software tools. You can create custom forms where you can add text, check boxes, buttons and other fields and integrate e-mail, submission and print features in it which you can import and export data from. Useful for conducting surveys etc.

Review Module : Lets handle collaboration between team working on a common documents with features like highlighting, underlining etc. with insert comments, sticker notes and stamps. You can also add shapes like arrows and stars and other icons. Its lets you compare document revisions easily.

Security Module : Lets you handle security of the PDF document very easily with preset types and digitally sign documents.

Insert Module : Lets you insert additional pages, images, graphs etc. and other document components. You can also edit the images as you can in Word etc or combine multiple PDF documents into one.


OCR Module : The most useful feature that lets you recognize text automatically or manually from text in physically scanned documents into editable and searchable text. Also can recognize text within images to create transcripts and descriptions.

The overall look and feel is very modern and resembles MS-Office metro style which I liked. Soda PDF is one of the best and all-in-one PDF customization software and the price is  really affordable compared to its outstanding features. Its true that there are many tools out there. But the value for money we get from the features of this tool are unchallenged.

Link: Compare SodaPDF

They also have an online service which lets users enjoy the same features with the added benefits of always having your documents backed up in the cloud and work on your files on the go. SodaPDF is an all in one suite of tools you can use to create professional looking PDF documents as well as edit and manage your PDF in batch.

The advanced PDF solution, packed with everything you need to customize, merge, format, secure, and collaborate on your PDFs. Download the 14 day trial version by clicking the Download Now button above.

Recover Deleted Data from Formatted Partitions, External Drives, Memory Cards

You are in a middle of a very important work and suddenly your laptop computer fails to boot or you deleted your project folder by mistake and your lose all your weeks of hard work in a snap. Don’t panic there is still ways to retrieve lost data.

Nowadays there are many data recovery softwares that will help you to recover data you have accidentally deleted from your laptop or external hard drive, or photos stored in memory cards of your camera. But they are expensive and out of reach for many. But here is a tool from EaseUS which is free for up to 2GB and is powerful.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

This free data recovery software has 3 modes that help you retrieve all lost files

  1. Deleted File Recovery – Recover lost images, videos and documents from PC/Laptop, any hard drives, USBs, Memory Cards, Digital Cameras and other storage media.
  2. Complete Recovery – Recover critical system data due to formatting, system re-installation, power-off, virus attack, inaccessible/raw partition etc.
  3. Partition Recovery – Recover file sectors and other data from deleted, formatted, inaccessible, partition lost, system restore etc.

Unlike most free data recovery tools where there is a chance some of the recovered data might be missing, EaseUS does a really good job of getting back lost files. I tested the tool by copying few different types of files in my USB drive, memory card, hard drive and then deleted them.

Then I launched EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free, and choose the module  suitable for USB device data recovery. The choice would “Partition Recovery” when files get deleted or corrupted from an USB partition.

On the next screen we can choose the type for files we want to recover. I chose the types I deliberately deleted. Next, we have to choose the drive or the device from which the files got deleted and want them to be scanned, so the tool can star searching lost USB partitions to recover.

After scanning is complete it will show file-folder tree where it previews the files that were deleted before you can recover. Once we choose the files and proceed to the next step, it will run the retrieval tool and attempt to get back those deleted files. In most cases there will be 100% success. In case, I got back all my files with no issues of data corruption. I suggest you give it a try.

Download : EaseUS Data Recovery Tool

Everyone faces these issues once in a while where they lost important data stored on their computer. Hence people should protect themselves from losing data during a unforeseen PC disaster or in a lost and stolen incident.

Best 5 High Performance Ultrabook Laptops in India

Packed with Intel Core processors and solid state drives, ultrabooks have set to conquer the realm of personal computing, providing the unhindered performance of a desktop PC inside a light weight, slim and sleek package. They have the convenience of a regular tablet, and the potential of a workstation. Ultrabooks are something beyond the ordinary laptops. Their uniqueness in design and performance has resulted in more demand, followed by more supply. Market is flooded with ultrabooks offering diverse features, under different trade names, under different price tags.

For a first time buyer it seems almost impossible to select the ideal ultrabook he or she’d love to have, due to the massive competition between manufacturers out there. Following is a concise guide to the top 5 ultrabooks of 2012, to assist any one wanting to select the ideal ultrabook for him or her. Here are the top 5…

Apple MacBook Air

On the ultra portable laptop arena, Apple MacBook Air has always received a top notch spot, for its sleek elegant design and lightness in weight. The newest member of the lineup packs a third generation Intel core i5 processor clocking at 1.5GHz, 4 GigaBytes of RAM, 64 GB SSD drive and a 11 inch display with a 1366 by 768 resolution under the same lustrous iconic design, and weighs merely 2.3lbs.MacBook Air is equipped with a thunderbolt port and 2 USB3.0 ports for establishing faster connections. The 720p FaceTime camera that sits on top bezel of the bright display is ideal for video calling your friends and family.

MacBook Air is powered by the Mac OSX, and the special track pad supports multiple multi-touch gestures which synchronize with the OSX to provide you a seamless experience in working with the Mac. MacBook Air isn’t the most powerful machine in the league; however it gets the job done in most cases. While the limited flash memory would soon run out of space if you use it as your primary Mac, and do not depend heavily on cloud storage, Mac Book Air is a good secondary Mac for anyone expecting something beyond an iPad.

HP Envy Spectre XT

HP Envy Spectre XT, packing a third generation Intel core i5 processor clocking at 1.7 GHz, a solid state drive of 128 GB and an Intel HD 4000 graphics engine backed by 4 GB of RAM is a direct rival to the MacBook Air. HP has crafted this ultrabook, with a sleek metallic design that looks and feels premium, squeezing USB2.0, USB3.0 ports and a SD card reader into the slim slate that bears the backlit keyboard. Thanks to the beats audio engine, HP Envy Spectre XT offers superb audio, enhanced by the four speakers glued to the metallic frame. Image quality of the 13 inch display with a resolution of 1366 by 768 is satisfactory, though not the best that could’ve been achieved.

HP Envy Spectre is powered by Windows 7 out of the box, but could easily be upgraded to Windows 8. The performance of the ultrabook is pretty decent for a beast in its league, backed by a huge 8 hour battery life. The buyers get to enjoy Adobe Premiere Elements and Adobe Photoshop Elements software and free Norton 2012 Internet Security licensed for 2 years along with the package, at no extra cost. HP Envy Spectre XT is a great ultrabook, offering the much anticipated portability and a wide array of features for a price tag below $1000.

Samsung Series 9 – 13 inch Ultrabook

Samsung Series 9 -13 inch version encapsulates an Intel core i5 IvyBridge processor clocking at 1.7 GHz, 128 of solid state drive and an Intel HD 4000 graphics core backed by 4GB of RAM inside a sleek iconic design. Weighing merely 1.16kg this unique ultrabook reigns as one of the lightest ultrabooks out there. The display with a stunning resolution of 1600 by 900 pixels reduces the glare and produces richer colors even at extreme viewing angles, proving that Samsung has engineered a state of the art display for the series 9- 13 inch ultrabook.

This unique ultrabook records one of the fastest boot times in its league, snapping into life within seconds of powering up. It even holds the record for the maximum battery life, which makes this ultra portable gizmo a major competitor. Series 9 -13 inch version is typically available in two different price tags, at $1300 and $1400. The extra $100 upgrades the Windows7 Home Premium version to Windows 7 Professional.

Asus Zenbook Prime UX32VD-DB71

If you want a crisp high resolution display and heavy duty performance, yet want to keep the package as small as possible, Asus Zenbook Prime could be the ideal ultrabook for you. Gluing a stunning 1920 by 1080 Full HD display, this tiny ultrabook beats down the rivals like Mac Book Air hands down in the display department. Zenbook Prime packs a third generation Intel corei7 processor clocking at 1.7GHz, backed by 4 GB of RAM, along with a NVIDIA graphics card of 1 GB. Multimedia performance has been given prominence, and the sleek design reserves spaces for sticking a full sized HDMI port and 3 USB3.0 ports. The Zenbook Prime comes with a 500GB hard disk drive and 24 GB of solid state drive, providing you a plenty of space to store most of your files.

Asus Zenbook Prime outruns most of its rivals when the performance is considered, for it’s able to handle serious graphics way better than the rest of the league. It performs pretty well in high resolution 3D games as well, a feature lacking in most of the counterparts. For a serious user needing seamless performance for high quality image processing and multimedia editing etc., Asus Zenbook is an ideal choice for $1300.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch is a superior ultrabook specially crafted for the new touch friendly Windows8 operating system. Packing a 14 inch display with a resolution of 1600 by 900 pixels, dual core Intel Core i5 processor clocking at 1.8 GHz and a 128GB solid state drive backed by 4GB of RAM ThinkPad X1 Carbon joins the elite league of ultrabooks with a unique specification that gives it a head start ahead of the rivals, its touch sensitive display.

ThinkPad X1 Carbon excels when performance is considered, and the graphics engine powered by Intel HD 4000 graphics satisfies the most business needs, although it might not be ideal for gaming purposes. The battery continuously powers the ultrabook for nearly 6 hours before running out of juice, and is pretty decent when compared with those of the rivals. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 which comes preloaded with the new Windows8 OS is a superior ultrabook for any one needing the performance of a beast in a light compact package for under $1500.

Author : This is an article by Vincent Neil from DrmRemoval software team DrmRemoval is all about converting your digital media downloads for unrestricted playback on MP3/MP4 players, smartphones and tablet computers.

Create Smartphone Apps Online Easily with Cloud Based

Nowadays, all online businesses and websites are going ahead creating their own mobile versions of their sites. This is primarily because most the website traffic are nowadays from mobile device and tablets. Some choose to create responsive version of the website UI while most others like e-commerce and social sites create their own apps which support popular mobile operating systems.

Thankfully there are few sites out there which lets users create their own apps online through a cloud based web application easily without the user needing to know much about how the mobile OS works and just focus on the development of the app quickly using simple coding languages like HTML5 and Javascript.

Recently we came across one such site called offers developers the freedom to develop applications in HTML5 and JavaScript, and deploy across multiple platforms like Android, iOS and Windows 8!

Monaca’s highly-integrated development environment is cloud-based, hence developers can create apps from their browsers collaboratively.

  • The development environment and your source code is all stored on the cloud, enabling you to develop applications anytime and anywhere.
  • Monaca’s user-friendly, integrated editor includes useful features like “code highlighter” and “syntax checker”.
  • Also, you can check your application’s real-time performance using Monaca’s “inspector”, “live preview” and “debugger”.
  • When it comes to security, fear not: Monaca secures your project sources via an automatic code backup system, a connection to Git and WebDAV access.

With the click of a button you can easily preview your app at any point in the development process. Monaca also provides detailed tutorials documented for each of the steps of the multifunction tools it provides. Developers can access them at

One can also find some sample apps which have been created with Monaca and it includes the development guide as well  as the entire code of that that runs behind in the backend.

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6 Top iPhone Travel Apps to Take on Holiday Vacation Trip

Smartphones are becoming more and more popular, and they are proving to be excellent travel companions. As well as providing a way to stay in touch and a camera to take holiday snaps and upload them directly to your social networks, smartphones also come with a wide range of apps to assist you when travelling.

If you have an iPhone that you are planning to take abroad on holiday, here are six of the best travel apps that you may want to download before you go away.

1. UrbanSpoon

This app is one of the best travel apps available for the iPhone. It works like a slot machine, and you simply have to give your phone a shake when you are looking for a local restaurant to visit. It will then provide a recommendation for a restaurant located nearby, solving the problem of having to wander around looking for somewhere to eat. (iTunes)

2. TripLingo

If you travel to a country where you do not know the language, you could find yourself struggling to order a meal or book a room. This app provides you with instant translations so you will never need to get tongue tied again. You can also use it to learn phrases and get tips on the culture of your destination. (iTunes)

3. WhatsApp

Mobile roaming fees can be hefty when you travel, so download WhatsApp and send texts free over a Wi-Fi connection instead. Many developers sell mobile phone apps for large amounts of money, but it is always nice to find one that is free to download and saves you money at the same time. (iTunes)

4. Tripwolf

Whereas before you always had to carry a large guidebook when you travelled abroad, now you can get all you need on a single app. Tripwolf has over 50,000 guides for destinations all over the world, including offline maps and augmented reality features, making it easier than ever to get access to the information you need. (iTunes)

5. Google Maps

Getting lost in a new destination is no fun, so download the Google Maps app and make sure you always know where you are. There is no better map application, and it also includes turn-by-turn directions and StreetView. (iTunes)

6. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is one of the best all-round travel apps available for the iPhone, and you can also check out the website for access to the same information. It comprises a collection of reviews of hotels, restaurants, attractions and more all over the world, so you can find out from real people who have been there and done it before when you are deciding where to eat, stay or visit on holiday. (iTunes)

Get More from Your iPhone on Holiday

All of these apps can help you to get even more out of your holiday when you next go abroad, so consider downloading them and using them when you are away. There are plenty more travel apps to discover and this is just the start, so have a look for some more next time you go on holiday and get even more from your trip.

Guest Author : Alex Mathew is a proficient author writing articles on topics like developers sell mobile phone apps .

My Top 5 Android, iPhone Apps: Any.Do, True Caller, Google Maps

Guest Post by Rakesh: Here are 5 iPhone apps (they are available on Android also) which I can’t do without daily. There are a lot of top quality and popular apps out there for your smartphones, but at the end of the day for most users like me it boils down to few apps which I use daily no matter where I am until the battery dies out. Here are my top 5…


Oh did you forget to pay your credit bills , and you are to be penalized for it ? Any.DO is a calendar cum day organizer, with its intuitive UI, will help you manage your task and will also remind you . It helps you categorize to work, personal folders and allows you to create new folders to streamline them further. It also extends you invite your friends if you are doing a group activity. Recently they added Any.DO Moment, a smart and fun way to plan your day.

True Caller

Are you getting calls from unknown number ?? Do you want to avoid calls from unknown marketing companies? Well , then you have a revolutionary application here which will help you do exactly the same. True Caller recognizes the call from an unknown source and displays the name and other information available about the number.

The interesting part is you do not have to have the number in your contacts all you need is internet access and you will have the person’s number . Pretty amazing eh ? But the downside is that it saves your contacts to a central server, which is used as a dynamic directory. Which app doesn’t do that nowadays, anyways?

Temple Run 2: Oz

games like temple runEver since Imangi Studios launched the endless running play Temple run iOS and automaton, it created certain that we have a tendency to never stopped running. The app has four different version with the sequel (Temple Run 2) launching in January this year.

With just few days into the market the game broke record of Angry Birds (50 million downloads in 13 days). In the new OZ version of temple run , you are no longer chased by monkeys , it’s the balloons that keeps chasing you while you are running away. So Run Forest Runnnnnn……

Angry Birds Goes Free

Angry Birds, one of the most favored game that started it all for Rovio, is now on the market at no cost on iPhone and iPad. this can be the primary time that the first game is being offered at no cost since the launch of the game in 2009. Moreover, this app has conjointly got an update that more fifteen new unhealthy Piggies levels for gamers to master.

Google Maps is Back

After creating a disappointing failure of Apple Maps, Google Maps has finally arrived for iPhone and its fabulous. One of the major problem with Apple maps is the underlying data connected to the app.

iPhone offline Google mapsThough Google and Apple worked on creating a complex database , each of them get satellite feed and other data from companies . But the problem is , the world is never constant . So the data is never absolutely correct . But Google has perfected its Maps over the years , many Google workers have spent years hand-editing the maps, fixing thousands of errors that folks report on a daily basis. In the new app you can report a bug by simply shaking the phone. And since 2006, Google’s Street read vehicles have trawled 3,000 cities, photographing and confirming the fashioning accuracy of 5 million miles of roads.

But Google maps lacks Siri integration , When you talk to Siri for directions, apple maps opens up automatically. This could be the only black mark on Google’s point of view. Finally, though Google Maps runs fine on the iPad, it’s simply a blown-up version of the iPhone version. there is not however not yet an iPad-specific app.

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Download the Free, Latest Spotify App for Windows Phone 8

For those of you who are not aware, Spotify has been available for some time on Windows Phone 7. However, it is now more popular as it has been made available on Windows Phone 8. It is available on the Windows Phone Store for downloading. Spotify was originally developed way back in 2006 by a dedicated team in Stockholm, Sweden. The company is now headquartered in London; however, the research activities are still confined to the offices at Stockholm.

It is surprising to note that the company reported a loss of $4.4 million in the year 2008, when it launched the application that was accessible by the public. Free accounts were made available strictly by invitation, though paid subscriptions were thrown open to everyone. In spite of signing licensing deals with several major music companies, Spotify could not breakeven that year.

spotify-logoAs of December, 2012, there is access to over 20 million songs on Spotify through searches for genres, titles, songs, labels, artists, and albums, offering access to music tracks from major labels and other independent sources. However, there still exist some artist who are finicky and do not wish to be accessed through Spotify, for reasons best known to them. You may not be able to get access to The Beatles, whichever way you search, as they have an exclusive distribution agreement with Apple’s iTunes. However, the desktop client at Spotify allows you to import music from iTunes, which can be synced with your smartphone.

With Spotify downloaded, you can share playlists that you will first need to set up. Alternatively, the collaborative software allows you to edit the music involving different users. You can drag the link for playlist to your email or IM window. All the recipient needs to do is to follow the link to download into Spotify on their devices. Once downloaded, the playlists get automatically updated each time the author adds new tracks or deletes any existing ones. There are exclusive websites devoted to Spotify where active forums exist for sharing and discussing current favorites.

Spotify on Windows Phone 8 will be available with options that allow syncing over 3G as well as on an offline mode. The Windows Phone Live Tiles help updating with the title or album that is playing now. You also get the options to pin playlists that have been created by you on to the Start Screen. The app can be downloaded from the Windows app store free of any charges. One can avail the 30-day free trial offer, after which a payment of$9.99 per month becomes applicable. Spotify on Windows Phone 8, which is in Beta mode, is similar the apps available on Android and iOS. The music experience that one can enjoy is quite good, and Spotify app joins the ever increasing list of apps on the Windows App store that has crossed 125,000 already.

This is a guest post is brought to you by Samantha Kirk, a writer for AT&T U Verse and provides up to date content and information for AT&T.

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Long Hair Care Tips: Reduce Oily Dandruff Frizzy Problems

Everyone wants their hair to be stronger, thicker and lengthy. By birth no one will have damaged hair. Hair gets damaged due to weather change,health issue, improper diet, stress and many more. Hair also gets damaged by regular use of hair dryers, straighteners.

What “Recharge your Hair” means ? Recharge your hair means give life to your hair. For me, it would be to prevent my hair from being damaged by sun or by the salty water and sand when I went out for a weekend trip to a tropical beach nearby.

How Can You Take Care for your Hair?

  1. Good diet is more important.Eat more leafy vegetables,protein based food,sprouts.
  2. Drink plenty of water(atleast 8-10 glasses of water).This will reduce dryness of your scalp.
  3. Avoid stress.Only way to avoid stress is 8 hours of sleep, meditation and regular exercise
  4. Use only those shampoo which suits your hair well. Before shampooing always massage your hair with an oil, because it helps in nourishing. After shampoo apply conditioner to make your hair softer.
  5. Avoid using style products like blow dry,straightener because it will cause breakage,split ends.Use it once in a blue moon.Go for hair spa once in a month.
  6. Brush your hair regularly, it helps in blood circulation.
  7. Use widened tooth comb to remove de-tangles,it prevents hair fall.
  8. You can also use beer to rinse your hair,this will give a lovely shine to your hair.
  9. Don’t expose your hair too much in sunlight because it may loose its shine.Use caps or serum before stepping out of your house.
  10. Try natural homemade remedies to protect your hair from any damage

Also, check out some of the best shampoos in India for common hair problems.

Why we need to care for our hair ?

We all love beautiful thick long hair, try to protect your hair as much as possible.because nothing is impossible. Recharging your hair is necessary if need to recharge out lives.

  1. Hair is most important for a women and men to look beautiful.Its a sign of beauty. Like how skin and rest of the parts of your body is precious,the same way our hair too is very precious.How much ever you look good,but if your hair is damaged it brings you down.Beauty means having beautiful hair.
  2. Everyone likes getting compliment from others specially when your in any occasion.Protect your hair form getting damaged.Reduce using those products which cause damage to your hair.If your hair is damaged you will not feel like attending any occasions .If your hair is really beautiful you will never hesitate to go to any occasions without any fear of being teased for the damaged hair.It gives you a self confidence and support.
  3. Girls really want to get rid of oily hair.There are many reasons why this occurs,some of them could be natural,while others came from externals factors like excessive use of wrong hair care products,pollution,dirt and humidity.Dealing with oily hair is bit frustrating because you cannot go for any styles for your hair.For excessive oily hairs it would be better to avoid conditioners and serums.Wash your hair regularly with mild shampoos.
  4. Dandruff is one of the causes of dull damaged hair.Speacially during the winter season most of them suffer from dandruff problems and they get confused with choosing the shampoos.This results in itching of the scalp,irritation and it also affects the skin. here again, you will hesitate to go anywhere for occasions like movies etc.
  5. Itchy scalp is another problem. This can be so severe that one cant resist itching his/her head even in public places.It will cause a bad image specially when you are out with ur friends. Here its more important to recharge your hair to recharge to your life by following few tips:
    – Apply oil to your hair before shampooing.
    – Apply curd to your scalp ,and keep it for about 15 min and then rinse your hair with a mild shampoo.
    – Apply eggs white to your hair keep it for about 10 min and then rinse your hair thoroughly.
    – Always clean your comb before using.
  6. Hair fall is a biggest concern for every people.Hair fall can be the cause due to stress,too much of chemicals,unbalanced diet and many more.It would be better if we go for natural homemade remedies ,but nowadays in a such hectic schedule no one gets time for anything.You might also get tensed of becoming bald.So its necessary to recharge your hair to recharge your life.
  7. Avoid stress.
  8. One more problem to having dry and frizzy hair.If you want to go for a tropical beach,long drive you get hesitate to go because this of excessive air or wind blown it becomes difficult to manage your hair.No one likes to make a bun and go for beach party or any other occasions.This can aslo lead in breakage of your hair or hair-fall.
  9. so recharge your hair to recharge your life and make your life beautiful by protecting your hair.

And last but not the least, recharge your hair simply because you love your hair :)

Post by Nikitha Rao for Sunsilk IndiBlogger Contest.

Save, Protect Yourself from Losing Data in a PC Disaster

I’m sure you have heard a lot of incidences about your PC / laptop getting stolen when disaster happens. In times of these emergency situations, it takes long to get back your normal life, sans the important data stored in your PC. It happens, we read about it, but we seldom take action. This is your checklist to get prepared for when disaster strikes. However, you can bail yourself out of this situation if ever faced.

Save Important Data in the Online at Dropbox

The easiest & safest bet to store your data with the help of online archives, is at Dropbox and similar cloud based storage services. Register yourself soon, if you haven’t. This one could act as your base in the probable ‘emergency’ situation. Plus it makes sharing and access of data easy from anywhere in the world.

Also a good tip is to create the ‘Emergency’ folder containing encrypted digital versions of your important documents, list of accounts and passwords and scanned copies of most important hard copy documents like certificates, agreements etc.

Hardcopy of Important Documents

It is further advisable to maintain on paper, the serial numbers, important passwords, contact details, numbers & emails, etc. Always maintain separate copies of this paper & confide with one copy to your family member or friend.

Install Prey & Undercover

These are security services which are a must to be installed on your PC. After installing Prey, you can enable the webcam & thus know who used your PC in your absence (see webcam for security surveillance). Check out, Undercover works with the local police, as soon as your report your PC or laptop as stolen.

Lock your PC with Password Protection

It is also a must to have very secure & safe passwords for your PC. You can also enable password protection, whilst unlocking your PC. If you’re looking at an easy solution to remember all different passwords, 1Password will make things quite convenient for you.

Tip: Hide or Password Protect Private Files and Folders


Storage of your documents in the cloud, is one way to address this. But, it is even more useful to have a real local back-up. A plethora of back-up tools in form of external hard drives exist, and it’s intelligent to reply on ones which are integrated and most non-intrusive.

Also take a System Report, for a windows user, the Control Panel will have the Performance Information and Tools of your PC. Click on the left link titled ‘Advanced Tools’, scroll below to ‘Generate a system health report.’ Click it. Once this report is generated, take a screenshot or print the content, which will have all details about your PC.

Doing the above, will ensure the next emergency (disaster scenario) will be nothing more than a minor hiccup, for the data recovery of your PC / laptop.
(Post by Deeptaman Mukherjee via TheNextWeb)

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Add Specific Dropbox, Google Drive Folders to Send-To Menu: Copy Files Easily

Add Specific Dropbox, Google Drive Folders to Send-To Menu: Copy Files EasilyDropbox, Google Drive and Skydrive are the most reliable cloud based online file storage with synchronization features. Under one roof of Google Drive and SkyDrive from Windows Live, one can store documents, spreadsheets, presentations from your mail-attachments in Gmail and Hotmail respectively and view them in the browser itself. Dropbox is even more amazing in its own ways like streaming mp3 music or download torrents automatically

That being said, users should consider having atleast one of these apps in their system, because not only are they free, but you don’t need to scar about the loss of important data in your laptop/computer hard drive. Plus it makes sharing and access of data easy from anywhere in the world.

Include any Sync Folder from Dropbox, Google Drive or SkyDrive in your Right-Click Context Menu’s Send To option

After installation Google Drive and Dropbox is automatically available under the normal favorites section in left sidebar of the windows explorer. While you can drag drop file here but still if you have a deep folder hierarchy, it requires extra efforts to put your files in the right locations.

But for quick access to a particular folder in your Dropbox structure you can use this tip and add it to your right-click context menu’s Send to option. This way you can select one or multiple files and folders, right click and send them directly to your cloud storage for safe-keep. If you are a developer you know useful this is to check-in a new or updated file to any synced and shared folder on your Dropbox.

To do it, Go to this folder path C:Users<user>AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsSendTo or use Windows Start > Run and type in this command  %APPDATA%/Microsoft/Windows/SendTo and hit the OK button.

Add Specific Dropbox, Google Drive Folders to Send-To Menu: Copy Files Easily

After opening the Send To folder, navigate to the folder you want to add. Right click that folder and keep holding the right click and drag it an open area in the Send To folder and release. Select Create Shortcut from the context menu. Only shortcuts should be placed in this folder.

Add Specific Dropbox, Google Drive Folders to Send-To Menu: Copy Files Easily

Now test it by right clicking on any file you want to upload and select Send To and the folder you just added. And it should work fine.

You can also use a special app called Right Click Enhancer to further enhance the capabilities of your right-click Send To menu like adding a collection of folders in one sub-menu group etc.

Words from Author: (Diana,who is a blogger by profession and loves writing, reading and travelling and contributes her writing to Raul Gorrin Seguros La Vitalicia). Since these cloud services are open, surely there will be security concerns. Individual prevention will help to overcome that. One should not store sensitive data and if it needs to be stored, one need to follow encryption mechanisms and password protection for the files of folders.

One should accept the modern trends since traditional methods like copying and transferring files external hard drives, CDs, flash drives etc., are outdated, and there is no guarantee for the permanent persistence of the data. But there is  more guarantee if the data is stored in reliable cloud services like Dropbox or Google drive. Plus all of them provide free desktop apps for using them, it let us use them effectively with folder sync and other features.

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