Make Yourself Look Slim, Thinner in Photos, Reduce Weight Online

Make Yourself Look Slim & Thinner in Photos Remember the last time your photo was taken you looked fat in it. And maybe you were dreaming if you could hire a Photoshop expert to make you look Slimmer & thin in your Photographs.

Make Yourself Look Slim & Thinner in Pictures

# Weight Mirror (Link) Weight Loss Simulation and Makeover Tool provides a fully automated weight reduction and weight analysis tool which automatically detects your body shape and simulates a weight loss treatment

in seconds.

Now we have Weight Mirror, an Interesting & Amazing Tool which Allows you to Reduce your Weight inside your Photos. You Can now Make yourself Look thinner & Slimmer in your photos.

Make Yourself Look Slim & Thinner in Photos

There are many ways where you can use Digital Imaging to Edit your Photos and Make them Look better. If you Look at the photo given you will see how amazingly this tool makes you look Slim & Thin without changing anything in your Face and other Features. Plus there are various options of Losing Weight you can Choose From.

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# Slimpic (Link) – Look Slim, Thinner, Skinny in Photos

Slimpic is an entertainment and easy-to-use application that allows people to modify pictures by making someone to gain or loose weight through photo manipulation. There are many ways to use the application, users can sign in for a free Slimpic account or just simply upload a picture from their computer or from their Facebook albums.

Slimpic - Look Slim, Thinner, Skinny in Photos

Once uploaded, a very simple selector tool is used to choose a persons face and/ or body to alter. Once the area is chosen, the user chooses how many pounds or kilograms to add to or subtract from the photo. SlimPic will actually tweak the image and make the person look slimmer or fatter.

A before/after button allows the user to compare the changes before submitting the final picture. When finished, users may name the pic, downloaded to their computer, send a permanent link to someone else, save it in a Facebook album or post on a Facebook wall. Users can also explore some public pics published by other users who have been slimmed and post comments on them or share them on Facebook.

Another tip is that if you wear light colors. It takes away the attention to the darker parts like the face, hair etc. Just like in the pic above.

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