How to Convert .ivr to .mp3 Files Easily ?

42-15217644 Internet Video Recording (IVR)  is a popular format these days. But not good enough to be recognized by your audio system. Leave alone audio systems when most media players fail to play the ivr tracks. Now if you are hell bent in converting your favorite ivr tracks to Mp3 or any other format, here is the one-stop solution without compromising on audio quality.

Converting .ivr to .mp3 using Audio Cd Ripping

Yeah, though a tedious process, it is the only way these tracks can be converted to recognizable formats. Now the process goes this way .

First burn the ivr files as an audio cd & Then Rip the cd to mp3 format. You can use an CD-RW for the process.

Software Requirements : Windows Media Player 11 &  Real Player 11

STEP 1 – Burn the ivr files as an audio cd with Real Player 11, since only from this version on, the
ivr files are recognized. For Beginners I owe a little elaboration here.

Note : ( The above video is just a mock drill done without inserting a cd, nevertheless it shows you all important elements of burning an audio cd )

STEP 2 – We will go about the ripping process next. Please take note that only windows media player 10&11 let you rip ivr files directly to .mp3 format. In all the other previous versions you do not have this privilege.

Open Windows Media Player and in the menu bar, go to Tools —-> Options

Wherein you have to go to the rip music option. It looks something like this.

How to Convert .ivr to .mp3 Files Easily

In this window, you can select the format you want the audio to be ripped to, also you can make changes to the location you want to save the file. Moreover you can increase or decrease the audio quality too. ( A word of caution here- some audio systems are incapable of playing bitrates above 192 kbps).

Once the above settings are tweaked, click apply and exit WMP. The Next time you insert a burned audio cd by following the first step. You will have autoplay displaying the " rip cd with wmp" option. Just click OK and your files will be ripped to the location you specified in step 2. If for any reason autoplay doesn’t pop up on inserting the disk, go to Windows media player and click the rip option available below the menu bar.

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