I Forgot to Save Word Document – How to Get it Back ?

forgot to save word file Recently I had an email from a reader. He asked me "I forgot to save a word file. is ther anyway i can get it back ? It has some really important info it collected for hrs…". 

Well, Yes, by default it saves a "backup" of the file every 10 minutes. Unless you’ve modified this option, you should be able to recover the most recent version of the backup file. But this option works only for Word 2003 and above.

How to Recover Content from Unsaved Word Document ?

From Searching Temp Folders

You Can easily get the unsaved word file from a temporary folder on your C: Drive. In fact you can find many recently edited files here.

C:Documents and SettingsDebajyotiApplication DataMicrosoftWord
C:Documents and SettingsDebajyotiLocal SettingsTemp

PS: These are Hidden Files. Look for the most recent files here and probably you will find it. (and definitely you need to change Debajyoti … it will be your user name)

Auto Recovery Feature in Word 2007

This is an amazing feature in word 2007. When you open Microsoft word once again after any sudden power loss or system crash. Word 2007 will try to recover the lost data automatically !

 Auto Recovery Feature in Word 2007

In fact this is the best way and the only way to get back your word file.

Make Sure you Never Lose your Word Data in Future

Go to Word and Click Word Options

Forgot to Save Word Document How to Get it Back

Click on Advanced Tab and check Always create backup copy then Allow background saves that will help you to recover files automatically in the future.

Forgot to Save Word Document How to Get it Back

If you have any other tip Let us know….

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