10 Best Picture Search Engines for Images,Photos

Best Image Search Engines - Find Free Photos Lately Ive been searching a bit on the sites that supply copyright free images/photos for one of my projects. So, In the process, I thought, why not make a compilation of some of the worthwhile sites that I come across ? Although there are many image sites which provides the best quality of stock photos and images but they are not royalty free. So here are some image search sites where you can find free photos.

Top Image Search Sites

  1. Photoxpress Their mission statement is finding you stock photos in high resolution for free. They have almost 400 thousand photos and they are all categorized. Sign up needed.
  2. Twitcaps Since Twitter was set up, many useful applications for it came to life. One of them is Twitcaps, which shows pictures that were uploaded by Twitter in real time. Of course you can search them by tags and users.
  3. Feelimage The authors of this website try to help you find photos by your feel. It distinguishes between 127 colors and times of a day. So you can easily find a red flower in the morning.
  4. Xcavator Xcavator helps you find stock photos from numerous providers with an interesting tool of color search. The service itself is free, but the photos it finds may not be. It has more than 6 million photos.
  5. Picsearch They promise you to find more than 3 billion photos. Basically it works just like Google search, but it gives you additional information about the picture.
  6. Flickr One of the most popular photo sharing communities, which allows you to find all the images uploaded by its members. The amount of pictures is impressive (more than 5000 images per minute are uploaded), while they can be geotagged.
  7. Imagery Its a quick way to finding images, while you can narrow the search with adjusting the parameters of size, color and file type.
  8. Exalead Exalead gives you an option to directly download the found photos to your hard drive, without clicking your way from thumbnails to the original photo and left-clicking. It is also able to find photos by their orientation and can find only faces.
  9. Visoo Visoo Image Search helps you find photos by recognizing text (OCR), recognizing the graphics and ability to detect faces.
  10. Webshots Webshots helps you search photos and wallpapers. You can share your own as well or you can send them as an eCard. Hundreds of millions of photos are arranged in topics.

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