Online Bengali, Bangla Panjika 2010 : Bengali Calendar Dates

The panjika (Bengali: ponjika) is the Hindu astrological almanac, published in Assamese, Bengali and Oriya. In colloquial language it is called a panji. In other parts of India it is called a panchangam. It is amongst the most popular annual books published in India and is a handy reference for observant Hindus to determine the most auspicious times for their rituals, festivals, celebrations, and pursuits of various sorts including marriage, undertaking travels, etc.

Best Online Panjika Sites

> Viswayn : A complete Bengali website for Kolkata in Bengali language using dynamic web-font. You can find the online Bengali calendar here.

> Calonline : This site is one of the oldest web portals that caters to needs and requirements of the people of Kolkata.

Online Bengali, Bangla Panjika benimadhav sil sealBuying the Bangla Panjika

The Bengali Panjikas have found their way into modern day shopping malls also. Bengali panjikas follow the Bengali calendar and are normally out in the month of Chaitro (Mar-Apr), so that people can buy it well before Poila Baisakh.

The most popular brand of the bangla panjika is by "Benimadhav Seal"

You can also buy the bengali panjika online or place a shipping order at’s store.

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