Most Popular Foods In India: State Wise Food Culture of Indian Cuisine

India is a very large country. There are may popular foods in India. Most of them are restricted to certain…

Most Popular Foods In India: State Wise Food Culture of Indian CuisineIndia is a very large country. There are may popular foods in India. Most of them are restricted to certain regions.

Favourite Indian Cuisine, Popular Foods of the People

#1: Andhra Pradesh You will love Andhra Pradesh especially if you like spices and chillies. This food is consumed in regions where most people are vegetarians. They had to invent delicious foods to be able to cope with their self imposed condition.

#2: Goa Goan cuisine comes from the region of Goa. The actual region is located on the Arabian Sea coast. Its main influences are Hindu, Portuguese and certain contemporary techniques. The cuisine is intensely sea food based. The Kingfish is the symbol of the Goan cuisine.

#3: Gujarat It’s a vegetarian diet. The most common serving is made out of a Roti, rice, shaak and daal. Roti is a white bread also known as Rotly in the region. Shaak is a spicy and sweet dish made out of vegetables. Daal is a dish made out of lentils, beans or dried lentils. People who eat this cuisine are also engaging in a lot of fasting on a regular basis.

#4: Haryana Haryana consists mostly of a milk like diet. You will also see booze shops in this region. Many truck drivers transit this region on a regular basis.

#5: Maharashtra The most important ingredients forming this cuisine are: wheat, rice, fruit, vegetables, jowar and lentils. Most of the dishes involve vegetables, fish and coconut. Coconut oil is also used for cooking.

#6: Mizoram It’s a special cuisine because it’s very different from most other Indian cuisines. It’s similar to the Chinese and certain north Indian cuisines. The dishes are served on banana leaves and they are mostly non vegetarians. Pork, bamboo shoot, spinach, chicken and wine are the most common ingredients. The local wine is extremely popular.

#7 : Bihar Bihari cuisine is predominantly vegetarian, because the traditional society of Bihar influenced by Hindu and Buddhist values of non-violence does not eat eggs, chicken, fish and other animal products. But there is also a tradition of eating meat and fish.

Visit India. Eat some of the most popular foods in India. And enjoy this amazing country. My advice is to try out different regional foods and find your own favorite Indian food.

#8 : Punjab Punjabi cuisine can be non-vegetarian or completely vegetarian. One of the main features of Punjabi cuisine is its wide range of dishes.Roh Di Kheer, is cooked with rice. The rice is cooked for a long time in sugar cane juice.Within the same area, there are different preferences. People in the area of Amritsar prefer stuffed parathas and milk products. In fact, the area is well known for the quality of their milk products.There are some dishes that are exclusive to Punjab, as Mah Di Dal and Saron Da Saag (Sarson Ka Saag). The food is tailor-made for the Punjabi lifestyle in which most rural people burn calories while working in the fields.

#9 : Rajasthan Rajasthani cooking was influenced by the lifestyle of the war, as the people of Rajput and availability of ingredients in this arid region. In Rajasthan water is a luxury, and therefore the food is usually cooked in milk or butter, so it is quite rich. Moreover, Besan or gram flour is one of the pillars of Marwari food mainly due to the shortage of vegetables in this arid land.

#10 : Bengal Bengali cuisine is a style of food preparation originating in eastern India with emphasis on fish and lentils with rice as staple food. Bengali cuisine is known for its subtle flavors. The nature and variety of dishes found in the Bengali cuisine is unique, even in India.Bengalis prepare the fish in countless ways – steamed or boiled or stewed with vegetables or vegetables and sauces

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