How to Find your PC’s Graphics Card Details & Specifications ?

Find your PC's Graphics Card Details There are times as a computer user when you will need to find out exactly what hardware you have in your computer (pc maintainance tips). Graphics cards are one of the most rapidly developed components in a PC, so the odds are good that you will need to find out what is in your box at some time.

Use the following steps to find out which graphics card you have in Windows.

Check Which Type of Graphics your PC Has ?

Find out what type of graphics card you have in your computer without opening your CPU. These instructions are for those using Windows XP.

How to Find your PC's Graphics Card Details 

Tip Run PC Games Without Graphics Card.

Step to Find your Graphics Cards Details

  1. Click on "Start".

  2. Within the "start" menu click on "Run". Run can typically be found on the right beneath "Search".

  3. Once you have clicked on "Run" a small window will appear. Inside of the box in the small window type in "dxdiag". Be sure to type in dxdiag without using quotation marks. Once you have typed in "dxdiag" click on "OK".

  4. The DirectX Diagnostic Tools window will open now. At the top of this window there will be quite a few tabs. Click on the "Display" tab.

  5. Within the Display tab you will see information about your graphics card directly under "Device".

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