How to Delete, Remove Unwanted Toolbars in Firefox, IE ?

How to Delete, Remove Unwanted Toolbars in Firefox IE Sometimes Third party toolbars are Installed automatically along with some other software installation like some music DJ softwares to mix songs etc.

They can be useful but most of the time they are annoying and unwanted. So if you want to delete or remove toolbars from Firefox or internet explorer then read on.

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Removing Toolbars Manually from Firefox or Internet Explorer

Tip 1 : Toolbars can be hidden by opening the Firefox "View -> Toolbars" menu and deselecting the unwanted toolbar. You can also disable toolbars that are installed as Firefox extensions via the Firefox Add-ons manager or you can remove unwanted third-party toolbars from Firefox by uninstalling the toolbar. (tip Best Themes for Firefox 3.5)

Delete, Remove Unwanted Toolbars Tip 2 : Many toolbars can also be uninstalled using the settings available within the toolbar itself, for example:

Google Toolbar: The Google Toolbar for Firefox can be uninstalled by clicking the "Settings" button in the Google toolbar or, in older versions, by clicking the "Google" logo. You can then choose "Help" and then "Uninstall." 

Winamp Toolbar: The Winamp Toolbar can be uninstalled using the toolbar settings menu ("Settings -> Uninstall"). If you cannot access the toolbar settings because Firefox does not start, use Firefox Safe Mode to uninstall the WinAmp Toolbar using the Add-ons manager (see above).

Yahoo! Toolbar: To remove the Yahoo! Toolbar, go to the "Pencil" menu in the toolbar, click "Uninstall", enter any feedback, then click "Uninstall" and restart Firefox / IE.

ZoneAlarm Spy Blocker ( toolbar: If you install ZoneAlarm and do not uncheck the "Spy Blocker" toolbar option, the Spy Blocker toolbar for IE and Firefox will be installed, which includes the searchbar. To remove this toolbar, click on the ZoneAlarm logo in the toolbar to open a drop down panel that includes an uninstall function.

Tip 3 : Many third-party toolbars are installed as Firefox extensions, which can be uninstalled by going to the Firefox Add-ons manager ("Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions"), selecting the toolbar and clicking the ‘Uninstall’ button, then restarting Firefox. If you still can’t uninstall the toolbar, use the ‘Disable" option as a workaround.

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Uninstalling Toolbars via Windows Control Panel

You may be able to remove the toolbar from the Windows Control Panel list of installed programs;

  • Windows XP: "Start -> Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs -> Change or Remove Programs"
  • Windows Vista: "Start -> Control Panel -> Programs / Uninstall a program (or Programs and Features)" toolbars (including Comodo "Safe Surf" and ZoneAlarm "Spy Blocker") can also be removed this way.

If you don’t see a separate entry for the toolbar in the list of installed programs you may need to uninstall the program or program component that included the toolbar.

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