How Google Has Changed Our Lives in the Last 11 Years ?

Google Has Changed Our Lives in the Last 11 Years Google recently turned 11 years, and it’s hard to believe Google is only 11. If you didn’t know few years back "googleit" became its own verb, meaning "to search for". It’s also hard to imagine where we’d be without Google.

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Top Google Products Which Changed Our Lives

Here are the Five Google Products we cannot live without it. PS: I mean other that Google Search itself. :)

Google’s GMail

How Google Has Changed Our Lives Gmail Without Gmail, we’d still rely on other free Webmail applications, many of them drenched in flashing advertisements and incapable of sorting out lots of spam with the efficiency and unobtrusiveness of Google. And Gmail, just recently out of beta, continuously improves, integrating Google’s many features into its streamlined interface. Sure, it goes down every once in a while; but we love it, so we cut it a break.

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Documents – Docs

How Google Has Changed Our Lives Docs Google Docs changed the way people conduct business on the Web. Morphing the capabilities of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into free applications — and providing them as a collaborative experience with anyone on the Internet — was impetus for many to skip out on buying expensive Microsoft products. As an answer to Google’s battle cry, Microsoft shoved its Office suite up into the clouds, making it clear that Google is stoking competition with its innovative approach to productivity.

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Google Maps

How Google Has Changed Our Lives Maps MapQuest was once the be-all, end-all for Internet route mapping. But with Google Maps and Google Earth, Google stole a share of the attention. Google Maps never ceases to amaze me. Just recently it integrated Boston’s obnoxious public transit system into its directions, allowing us to find the quickest route via trolley, train or bus. Its use of walking directions was also a brilliant move for us city-dwellers who shun motor vehicles in favor of a good pair of sneakers.

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Browsers – Chrome

How Google Has Changed Our Lives Chrome I hate Internet Explorer. Firefox is too slow for me. That’s where Google Chrome busts in like the Kool-Aid Man. Nimble, smooth, and reliable, Google Chrome has permanently replaced the alternatives. Like all of Google’s products, Chrome is constantly under development, and its most recent beta reinforces its role as a strong contender in the browser wars, especially since Sony is preinstalling it on laptops.

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How Google Has Changed Our Lives books Google found itself in a quandary after scanning millions of rare and out-of-print books, getting sued, finding a settlement, and then watching that settlement scuttle back to the drawing board. Once the project is completed, people will be able to access millions of books from all over and enjoy what, in some cases, has been lost for years.

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Well there are others products like news, adsense (earning money from ads), trends, googlepages(removed), sketchup (3-D modeling program), Street View and Google Alerts. Let me know If I missed any.

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Google Chrome OS

How Google Has Changed Our Lives - Chrome OS Yep, this one will probably go on some historical timeline in a tech museum someday. Google Chrome OS is an open source, lightweight operating system that will initially be targeted at Netbooks. Speed, simplicity and security are the key aspects of Google Chrome OS. Again Google benefits as well by having happier users who are more likely to spend time on the Internet.

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Google Wave

How Google Has Changed Our Lives - WAVE Wave is designed to be a ground-up reinvention of the way we communicate and collaborate. Think instant messaging, but with the open platform potential for plugging in Twitter and other methods of communication, too. It is currently being launched and I suspect that it will change the way bloggers write their blogs, and the way that blog readers read the content and interact with the readers.

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So, What’s your favorite Google product, Why ? Let Us know in Comments :)

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