Best Ways to Read News Headlines Online

Best Ways to Read News Headlines Online You can’t beat Google’s news homepage when it comes to getting a snapshot of the most important news headlines & stories in the world. Or can you ?

It turns out you can. NewsMap presents Google’s news feed pictorially, giving the most important stories proportionally more prominence on the screen.

#1 – Read Google’s News Headlines Pictorially with NewsMap

NewsMap  Best Way to Read News Online

Newsmap displays the top stories from Google news as simple to read icons. One cool feature of Newsmap is that the use can view the biggest stories by nation. This could be a fun way to analyze the days events from a multi-national perspective. The bigger the icon, the bigger the news. (Random: Find a Location Using its Latitude and Longitude)

Reading Google News in Sorted Popular Categories

NewsMap-Best Way to Read News Online

You can also sort the news in categories. Mainly the news headlines can be subdivided into

>> Go to NewsMap – Link

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#2 – Read News Headlines Online Fast with Google Fast Flip

Read News Headlines Online Fast with Google Fast Flip

One problem with reading news online today is that browsing can be really slow. A media-rich page loads dozens of files and can take as much as 10 seconds to load over broadband. The most recent service launched in Google Labs is Fast Flip, a visual version of Google News that encourages new findings.

The homepage shows thumbnails of the news articles and clicking on the thumbnail loads a screenshot of the article. This way you know what to read.

>> Go to Google Fast Flip.

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#3 – Reading News through RSS News Feeds

FeedCupFirst of All… See What Exactly is RSS ?

Although most would say Google reader is the best but for me Newsgator FeedDemon (Link) is the best tool for reading RSS feeds.

After you install FeedDemon or set up Google reader. Add the rss feeds of all the all the popular news feed channels or your favourite ones. Some of the newsfeeds which you can start with are :-

Just go to these links to subscribe to the news categories in your RSS reader. Similarly go to the other news sites and look for the rss button () to subscribe to it. Also check how to get updates from websites which don’t have RSS feeds.

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