Stay Protected from Fake Facebook Login Pages Used to Hack Passwords

Fake Facebook Login Pages are Used to Hack Facebook Phishing Today I received a mail from a reader asking me how people hack Facebook accounts. So this post is actually an answer to that question. The most used hack or exploit that is used to hack Facebook profiles is by using fake Facebook login pages.

Generally, a person goes to a fake facebook login page where the used logs in with the ID & Password, and that fake login page forwards to login details to the hacker.

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What are Fake Facebook Login Pages / Phishing Pages ?

Fake facebook login pages are very easy to make. Its actually the index page of the website. Just go to and save the login page using Ctrl+S in any Browser.

Then Hackers implement an additional script in the login fields which forwards the input details of the UID & Password to his email or stored in a text file in case .php functions are implemented.

How to Know if Its a Fake Facebook Login Page ?

#1 – The Easiest way is to look at the URL of the Page.

The Real Face book Login Page

Fake Facebook Login Pages are Used to Hack Facebook

The Fake Facebook Login Page

Fake Facebook Login Pages are Used to Hack Facebook

By comparing the above example you can easily identify a proper facebook page by looking at the root domain. Any page containing as root domain can be trusted.

#2 – Don’t Fall for Phishing Scams which compromise your Facebook Account

Looking at the screenshot below will give you enough idea to understand what’s going on. If you’re experiencing phishing often, you may consider contacting fraudwatchinternational to provide you with an anti phishing protection service.

Fake Facebook Login phishing Hack Facebook

#3 – Sometimes the Evil Might be Inside the System

Sometime there are emails like the above which seems to be from the facebook team telling you about some update or feature they have done and ant you to login and check it out. Remember Any Official release of any new service will always be announced at the facebook blog. Be sure to check it out to confirm. Other wise you may be the prey of some phishing scams.

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For eg, Recently a application known as the Facebook Fan Check came in the light as it was suspected of being embedded with a virus which stole of your information in your facebook account including login details.

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Till now this is what I know about Fake Facebook Login Pages and Phishing Pages … I will be updating this page after I come to know of other methods of hacking facebook accounts.

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