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Over the past year many web applications and online tools have been launched. Some were successful, some were flop others stayed in the middle. But what makes a web application truly stand out is the popularity it gains due the awesome and amazing features and service sit provides. If you are thinking of getting web applications then you could check out something like cpanel hosting from Certa first to give you a better idea of what else is on offer. However, you should keep on reading for more information. This post covers some of the best and most popular web applications to in 2010.

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Here’s a list of the most popular web applications you must try out if not using them already.

Aviary’s Web Suite (link) : Most Advanced Image Editor Online

 Aviary's Web Suite Most Advanced Image Editor Online

Aviary’s online image editor is perhaps the most powerful online image editor, and its absolutely free. In web interface of aviary has a basic and advanced mode where you can make amazing changes to your pictures, all from the web browser itself. The advanced mode is almost like Photoshop with extensive features and layer support.

Apart from interesting tools, you can screen capture any webpage and start editing on it by simply using You can also use for similar online photo editing.

Dropbox (link) : Online backup, File Sync and Sharing

Dropbox  Online backup, File Sync and Sharing

Dropbox is a cloud based storage web application service. It can be used by downloading a simple desktop software that makes it easy to  share files with people, sync them across multiple PCs and networks, and access them from anywhere. Currently Dropbox has more than 4 million users won awards from places like PC Magazine and CNET.

ScreenToaster (link) – Online Screen Recorder, Capture Screencasts Instantly

ScreenToaster  Online Screen Recorder, Capture Screencasts Instantly

After the amazing two amazing web applications above, I think this one is superb. You can record any on screen activity on your PC without any software. Simply login and create your screencasts for free. As soon as you stop the recording… you get an option to automatically upload the video you can embed them on blogs and webpages or send them by email or thru bookmarking sites. Screencast-o-matic is another similar online screencasting app.

Google Maps (link) : Maps Driving Directions, Transit, Street View, 360 View, Add Place, Location Finder, Moon, Mars, Share, Embed….. :P

I don’t know whether Google Map is a proper web application or not, but one thing is for sure, there isn’t any online map service better than this one. Google Maps has also integrated with Google Local due to which one can easily search for businesses in a particular area.

google maps high zoom

(@ ^^ zooming in on camels in Google map – map link)

Some of the most interesting things you can do in GMaps are Share Exact Map Details, Embed Google Maps into Your Web Page, View Geotagged Photos within Street View, Find the Best Restaurants, Add Business, Public transport and other Lab features. Similar tool good enough to match GMaps is

SpyPig (link) : Track Emails, Get Notified when they are Read

SpyPig Track Emails, Get Notified when ReadIt is an interesting web application system for tracking your emails and check whether they have been read by your receiver or not.

Unlike similar systems this one is very efficient and easy to use, and you don’t even need to register and works perfectly with all html based email services like gmail, live etc.


Other similar services would be and

Posterous (link) – The place to Post Everything with an email

Posterous The place to post everything. Just email

This is a very efficient and popular cross-publish
ing platform for any web user. Simply write and email and send to them to publish blog posts, video, pictures and even tweets. Posterous is NOT micro blogging. There are no limits to what you can post. Tumblr is another web app similar to Posterous.

Meebo (link) – Connecting AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, MySpace Messengers

Meebo Connecting AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, MySpace Messengers

Meebo has gained a lot of popularity recently as a all in one messenger service that works very well on your browser as a web platform which allows you to login to all the messenger services you are probably using hence requires no download or installation. Meebo lets users gather their friends on a single buddy list so you can find them in one place.

ZOHO (link) – Web Based Productivity Office Suite

ZOHO Web Based Productivity Office Suite

Zoho had become one of the very much used online office suite after Google Docs with a suite of more than 20 Web-based productivity applications, nearly all of which are completely free and easy to use. Although Google Docs is the ultimate in providing an online platform for office applications but Zoho has gained good reputation as recently Zoho has dipped into some SMB applications including a CRM tool, invoicing service, and Zoho People.

Zamzar (link) – Complete Solution to Free Online File Conversion

Zamzar Complete Solution to Free Online File Conversion

Zamzar is the complete solution to file conversion online and the service is free and supports a huge list of conversion formats. You can download any embedded from almost any webpage in any format zamzar supports. Zamzar supports files upto 100mb. Also if you register on their site you can convert and store the files you have converted or uploaded.

Plz suggest if you think this list doesn’t contain the popular web application you think should be there on this list. In the mean time please do check another list post about the Most Popular Websites on Internet.