7 Best Completely Free Antivirus Software : Download

Best Completely Free Antivirus Software  Download t Every computer is always at risk of pc viruses like autorun from usb, so it is almost always necessary to combine our safety skills with a good antivirus or security suite, but most are paid as those of large enterprises like (Panda, Symantec, Kaspersky Labs), Like always there are free and simple solutions to support us. That’s why here are some very good completely free antivirus software in the list below.

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Free Antivirus Suites : Completely Free Antivirus Software

1 – Norton Security Scan [Link]

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Free Protection Symantec that works only as a scanner, which means that there is an antivirus that have real-time analyzer, making it compatible with any antivirus and if only function is to search your computer for some viruses and spyware (worms, trojans and also adware) that may exist, can be programmed to scan at certain times, is light and can be worn as extra protection, it is also free, somewhat limiting but it works and fulfills its promise, however we recommend Norton 360 ° (not personally) .

2 – Avira AntiVir Personal [Link]

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Hand in hand we have this antivirus Avira minimalist but powerful (tested) that has a quick scan for malicious programs or files, its interface is very user friendly and has multiple functions such as virus protection, AntiDialer, anti-rootkit, faster scanning (20% faster), protection of private information (phishing), anti-spyware, protection against malicious websites, among other functions. It works on Windows and Unix.

3 – Cloud Panda Antivirus Free Edition [Link]

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This program requires creating an account at its official site to download, you do not take you long time, this direct free antivirus Panda Security brings exciting features for the price and nothing, such as minimum use of resources on your computer, only requires 20 MB of RAM so you can either browse or play or, protection against viruses, rootkits, malware and threats daily, connects to servers (which requires use of Internet connection) analysis therefore does not require updating, is quick to detect viruses and promises more than anyone.

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4 – Bitdefender Free Edition [Link]

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From the hand of BitDefender antivirus and found a very good, with an appearance apparently not as pretty, but user friendly, powerful scan engine and virus scanning program, also has quarantine and detailed reports of suspicious activity on your PC.

5 – AVG Anti-Virus Free [Link]

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According to me this is one (if not the most) of the most used by ordinary users or institutions, AVG has a background in computer security solutions and offers a version of its Antivirus totally free, with access to updates, real-time scanning, website monitoring, anti-spyware, email scanner, your private data will be safe, surf the Internet also will be advised of sites that can be trusted, among other functions, the current version is 9 , is a lightweight antivirus.

6 – Microsoft Security Essentials [Link]

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I do not think there’s much to say but hey, Microsoft recently has been wanting to go for computer security programs like Windows Live One Care (suite of payment) and your antivirus "nose" that never saw the truth (do not know if this is that "nose"), now recently I learned of the existence of this basic program of the company of Uncle Bill who is responsible for detecting threats in real time Instead of scanning your PC, it’s simple and essential, ideal for PCs basic.

7 – Avast Home FreeEdition [Link]

Best Completely Free Antivirus Software Download

Though looks like a music player, the free Avast antivirus, protects you against everything mentioned before, with the difference that the antivirus program can be changed in appearance down some skins like in wmp, is powerful and requires registration .

Sadly out of so many completely free antivirus softwares available, I only found these worth mentioning. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions or comments.

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