AVI Files Won’t Play : Fix and Play Broken AVI Files

AVI Files Won't Play repair and Play Broken AVI Files Generally most of the times you may notice that if you are downloading a movie etc in avi format, they show up errors due to download errors.

This are minor index and similar problem show up in files which are downloaded from ed2k (emule), torrent, gnutella, etc. Here are few softwares or players that can play these corrupted avi files.

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How to Fix, Repair and Play Broken AVI Files with Index Errors etc.

# Divfix++ (link)

This > 1 MB program repairs broken AVI file streams by rebuilding index part of file. This is very useful when trying to preview movies which has no index part, like some files are currently downloading.

AVI Files Won't Play  Fix and Play Broken AVI Files

To fix the file click on Fix. Make sure the option Keep original file is checked or else the file will get replaced by the edited one. DivFix++ specialy designed for previewing video being downloaded files from P2P networks.

# GOM Player (link)

AVI files cant be played if the index is broken, or if the file isnt completely downloaded. This is because the index is located at the end of the file. But, GOM Players patented technology enables users to view files with broken indexes or that are still being downloaded.

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# VLC Player (link)

No need to tell about this one…. VLC Player also allows you to fix broken AVI files and play them. But, sometimes you won’t be able to forward or rewind them.

# Fix Player (link)

Fix Player is a simple and useful free AVI player which helps you to repair and to watch AVI video files on your PC. It’s easy and simple to use. Fix Player is AVI media player with some useful features:

  • Repair broken AVI files.
  • View partly download files. It may be files your get while connection aborted or file you get with the help of some bit torrent application.
  • Download part of the file from internet, and preview it to decide if you want download file completely.
  • Repair file from the broken CD or DVD disk.

Using these You can repair AVI, if your AVI file have not completely downloaded from the Internet.

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