How to Capture Screenshots of Movies – Capture Multiple Movie Frames

Capture Screenshots of Movies Scenegrabber is freeware which provides you an easily way to create screenshots from movies. You can grab manual or automatic frames from a movie and join them in a single JPG-image.

Furthermore you can add to the single JPG image info like movie name, resolution, codec-info, movie length and time of screenshot creation.

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Take Multiple Screenshots from Movie Videos Automatically

1. Capture Screenshots of Movies

The software comes as a video player. We may, in fact, watch the entire movie. While playing the movie, to take a snapshot picture simply click the appropriate button.

Capture Screenshots of Movies screengrabber

Besides the function of each step, we can also capture screenshot images or movie video frames taken automatically from your movie/video.

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2. Capture Multiple Screenshots of Movies and Merge in One Single Mosaic Picture

You can set the number of snapshots or frames to be captured. The tool will automatically capture that many screenshots of the movie at equal intervals and save them in the desired location.

Capture Screenshots of Movies - Create Multiple Movie Frames

You can save the movie screenshots captured into a single image pictures with the movie screenshots as a mosaic.

Here you can set the background color, the presence or absence of the shadow, the arrangement of images and data to be attached to the final image mosaic.

Create Multiple Movie Frames Capture Screenshots of Movies.png

The software could be useful if we wanted to create a mosaic of scenes taken from a movie, and maybe share it on any social network or forums like movie downloading sites etc.

Basic requirements are: windows media player with installed codecs.

> Download Scenegrabber  : Click Here

I hope you’ll enjoy this small powerful app. leave your comments. :)

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