Youtube Buffering Slow ? Load Youtube Videos Faster

One of the frustrating problems of watching videos online is that for eg. an youtube video get stuck and takes time to load and buffer before playing properly. There’s nothing worse than not being able to play your child’s favourite youtube videos because the video keeps buffering.

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# Faster Streaming & Video Buffering on Youtube Feather

youtube-feather_logo Youtube has launched a lighter version of their website which has hit beta. Feather lets users with slow Internet connections to view videos.

It trims the features available on the site to make videos load faster, thus giving “an user experience that aims to keep things simple and the videos loading and playing quickly.”

> Go to Youtube Feather : Link

Chrome’s dev tools show that the improvements are noticeable: the resources downloaded when you watch a video only have 52 KB on Feather, instead of 391 KB.

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# SpeedBit’s Free Video Accelerator for Youtube to Load Videos Quickly

It works automatically with your web browser to let you watch web videos smoothly without frustrating pauses and interruptions.

YouTube Buffering Slow  Load Youtube Videos Faster

Speedbit’s new youtube video accelerator’s advanced technology uses multiple-simultaneous download sources ensuring that streaming videos play without freezing, HD videos stream significantly faster, and iTunes content downloads extremely fast.

> Dowload Speedbit Video Accelerator for YouTube : Link (4.62 MB)

Get Free Video Accelerator for YouTube today and speed up the world of internet videos.

Video Tutorial to Make Youtube Videos Load Faster & Quickly

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