Web Genie Guesses Characters & Everything You Think Of

Have you heard of a web genie that guesses precisely what is on your mind. Akinator is the Internet Spirit that knows exactly what is going on in your mind and guesses the right answer at any moment. It is known to everyone as the online genie, and it works to surprise people on many levels. This particular website has been taking the internet by storm since its inception because of the rate of accuracy it displays.

Akinator, the genie that reads your mind. is the internet god of knowing that will guess the Person or Character your thinking of at the moment.

Wondering how this application works? You just have to log on, think of a character, a few things in between and voila, it will guess the right answer. Many people have tried the same, and their responses have been surprising as the website guesses correctly the character or the person that is on your mind.

When you log on the site, it introduces itself as Akinator and the message displays, ‘Hi, I am Akinator, click here to play.’ Once you click on the same, it asks you to think about a real or a fictional character, and it says that it will try to guess what is on your mind.

Then the questions that follow are: Does your character actually exist, is the role of a Japanese animation (anime), does your character wear shoes, is your character an adult man, is your character from a video game, does he live in America, does your character fly, is your character from a cartoon, has your character appeared in the Simpsons, does your character have an enormous belly, does your character play in child show, is your character a father, is your character yellow, does he have a robot friend, and many more such questions.

Akinator Web Genie Guesses Characters

Well I tried this amazing online game which claims to guess any character you think. In fact I was horrified when it guessed the character I thought (Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones).

It even guessed that I was thinking about myself.

Go to Akinator : Link

The online genie, as it is called, guesses your character spot on, without you having to answer many questions about it. However, the only difficulty is, you might need to know in great detail about the character you have chosen. Since it is a mind game, you need to be sure about the person or the character you are describing, and the genie will take much less time to tell you who it is. Without wasting much time, go ahead and log on to the website and enjoy the show with your own eyes. Select multiple characters to add on to the fun.

These type of online tools are a latest fad in the internet world that has taken everyone by shock and surprised both. But still if you are bored do check our suggestion to find good movies to watch when bored.