List of Facebook Emoticons, Smileys for Facebook Chat, Messages

Facebook Emoticons, Smileys for Facebook ChatSurely by now you’ve used facebook chat and messages and you put a emoticon smiley that you realize that become emoticons, but there is no list of how we can use them, as we want it to be.

List of Default Facebook Emoticons, Smiley Faces for Chat, Messages

Here is a complete list of all facebook chat faces emoticons and smileys

Emoticon Shortcut Desc.
smile :-)      :)        :]       =) smile face
frown :-(       :(         :[      =( frown face
gasp :-O       :O       :-o     :o gasp face
grin :-D        :D        =D grin face
tongue :-P         :P       :-p      :p      =P tongue
wink ;-)      ;) wink
curly lips :3 curly lips
kiss :-*     :* kissy face
grumpy >:(       >:-( grumpy
glasses 8-)    8)       B-)        B) glasses
sunglasses 8-|     8|      B-|         B| sunglasses
upset >:O      >:-O       >:o        >:-o upset face
confused o.O     O.o confused
shark (^^^) shark
pacman :v pacman
squint -_- squint
angel O:)       O:-) angel face
devil 3:)         3:-) devil face
unsure :/       :-/        :       :- unsure face
cry :'( crying face
Chris Putnam :putnam: Chris Putnam
robot :|] robot
heart <3 heart
kiki ^_^ kiki
penguin <(") penguin

Download This Chart of Facebook Emoticons: <Click Here>

Some Useful ASCII (Text Based) Emoticons, Smiley Characters

These are some use special characters available in the ascii font directory… Copy these from below to use them.

ã‹¡  ã‹›  ツ  【ツ】 ¥   ¤   ª   «      º  »  ‚  €

Most of these facebook smiley emoticons are very obvious and you would have probably already seen, but not everyone know all of them (at least I didn’t) , and you can amaze your friends with them. If you know of any facebook chat, message emoticon not mentioned here, you can comment below !

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