Make Scratch Proof Screen Protector Film for Touch, Cell Phones

Make Scratch Proof Screen Protector Film for Touch, Cell Phones

The more you handle the phone, the likelier scratches on the screen can surface as a result of dropping your phone or mishandling. Here is a video tip to make a free scratch guard, screen protector for your cellphone, ipods or digital calculators. Also we have some tips for removing scratched occurred earlier.

Tip : Find a Location Using its Latitude and Longitude

Create your Own Scratch Guard for CellPhones, iPod, etc.

Keep your cell phone looking brand new with free scratch proof screen protective cover that will last longer than the original ones sold in the market. Watch the video below to learn…

Avoid Scratching other parts of your cell phone by always placing it in a separate pocket from your keys and loose change, or in a separate compartment in your handbag.

Tip : Make CellPhone Stand using Paper Clip

Removing Scratches From Cell Phone Screens

Phone users may have everything they need in their household to remove scratches from a cell phone screen. While nothing is guaranteed to remove scratches completely, the overall look can be greatly improved.

ToothPaste : Applying a small amount of toothpaste on the scratch and rubbing it in a circular motion can eliminate the surface part of the scratch so it’s not/less noticeable.

Pencil Eraser : or any hard eraser. Lightly rub the eraser over the scratch or nick on the screen in the long direction of the flaw. Keep rubbing until the scratch completely disappears. I have used this on my mobile, its works, but you have to rub for a long time and in one direction.

Scratch Repair Solutions : Scratch Pro, Novus Plastic Polish, or Displex are all professional products which work quite great on LCD, mobile screens and CDs. Alternatives to these can be nail polish remover.

Let us know your experiences with scratches and how you fixed them.

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