10 Best Text Editors, Professional Writing Tools for Mac OS X

As a writer, having just the write tools can empower you to get your work done and get it done…

As a writer, having just the write tools can empower you to get your work done and get it done well. Unfortunately, there are currently dozens of Mac writing applications to choose from and it can be difficult to determine the strengths and limitations of each program. The following guide should help you choose a writing tool application that best meets your personal needs.

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10 Best Text Editing, Writing Tools for Mac OS X

Best Free Text Editors for Mac OS X

1. TextEdit


While there are numerous writing tools with better options and more attractive interfaces, TextEdit is the simplest and most usable word editor. It does not offer many options for editing or organizing text, but for a simple blog post or personal notes, it’s fast, easy, and efficient. License : Free

2. OpenOffice


This is a freeware application that can be downloaded online. It is very similar to Microsoft Office, but was created to be more user friendly and accessible. License : Free 

3. Bean


This is a simplified word processor. It is not as simple as TextEdit, but nowhere near as complex as OpenOffice. It is excellent for writers who simply need the standard editing options. If you never use tables, photos, graphs, or charts, than you will find that this application streamlines and speeds up your writing process. Those who need the extra features, however, are better off choosing OpenOffice. License : Free

4. Celtx (Free)


This is a screenwriting and pre-production application that is completely free. It allows you to easily write scripts of any length and complexity. It also allows note taking and storyboard creation, both excellent tools for the creation of creative media works. License : Free

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Best Text Editors for Mac OS X – Premium

5. Scrivener


This program is excellent for writers who are working on large projects that require a lot of research and organization. The application allows you to easily collect, store, and organize information, photos, and other resources that will aid you in writing longer works of fiction or non-fiction. The application also features a scriptwriting and an outlining mode, which allows you to use the program for a wide variety of writing projects. License : 39$

6. MacJournal


This application is designed to make keeping a journal easier, more fun, and more organized. It is an excellent application for writing blogs or for private journals. License : 39$

7. WriteRoom


This is an excellent tool for writers who are easily distracted. The application allows for a full screen mode that eliminates all distractions and immerses the writer in his or her work. License : 39$ 

8. StoryMill


This application is designed specifically to ease the process of writing novels. It creates a complex outline that tracks characters, plot, and other key elements of a novel. This application also allows you to set a writing goal and it will encourage you to meet that goal each day. Additional features allow you to keep track of how often you overuse words or use cliches. License : 49$

9 . TextMate


Whether you are a programmer or a designer, the production of code and markup is hard work. Especially when you are dealing with a lot of files at once like most projects do. TextMate puts you back in control, reduces the mental overhead, and turns manual work into something the computer does. License : 54$

10. KeyNote


While this application is designed for creating presentations, it is an excellent writing tool because it allows for the easy creation of graphs and tables. The application allows for sleek and attractive designs that will help push your work to the next level of professionalism. License : 79$

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