Free Face Recognition Software for Laptop, PC

Free Face Recognition Software for Laptop, PC Logging into Windows has never been easier! Just look into a webcam for a moment, and youll be logged into your account before you notice. Download these free face recognition software for laptop or PC and log in with style. Try now, and you won’t want to type your passwords ever again!

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Download Free Facial Recognition Software for Laptop, PC

# Blink (link) – Login to Your PC by Simply Looking!

With Blink!, you can login day or night. Sophisticated face recognition algorithms adjust for varying lighting conditions automatically, making login possible without additional training no matter whether window or artificial lighting is being used.

luxand Free Face Recognition Software for Laptop

Advanced biometric identification algorithms used in Blink! help it cope with changes of your personal appearance. Grow or shave off beard and mustaches, use makeup or dye you hair, wear or remove glasses or contact lenses – Blink! will let you in to your PC no matter what.

Luxand-Blink_Free Face Recognition Software for Laptop

Blink! provides additional security benefits by making it simpler to computer users to automatically unlock their PCs by simply looking into a webcam. Stolen passwords are becoming less of an issue as Blink! photographs and timestamps users every time they log in, no matter whether they use a password or biometric sign-in.

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# KeyLemon (link) – Face Recognition Software for Windows

KeyLemon  Face Recognition Software laptop

KeyLemon changes the way you log in to your computer. Experience a new way to login by face recognition instead of typing your username and password. It replaces the standard Windows XP, Vista, Seven logon screen with a KeyLemon login screen that connects to your webcam.

KeyLemon Face Recognition Software

Its also works as a password manager for popular internet sites. When you connect to a website (Facebook, Twitter and / or LinkedIn), KeyLemon automatically logs you into your account by using your face.

Note : KeyLemon was previously known as BananaScreen which is completely free for users.

If you aware of more free tools like these let us know in comments…

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