Facebook Bug : View Locked Private Albums

View Locked Private Albums safe_protected_facebook This just came up… that one can view locked albums and private photos on facebook. So if you think your last party can be seen by you boss or … think again. Here’s the trick or hack to view locked albums in facebook.

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Unlock Albums : View Private Photos in Facebook

* This trick was originally noted by rishabh, and then by Amit Agarwal at labnol.

Now anyone can view Facebook’s private photo and album without being in the friend list.

Steps 1 : Just go to the Main Page of the person you would like to see the private photo and album. In the address bar copy the JavaScript shown below and hit enter. 

javascript:(function(){CSS.removeClass(document.body,%20’profile_two_columns’); tab_controller.changePage("photos");})()

It works flawlessly most of the times and you would then redirect to the Photo Page of that persons account. 

Amit Agarwal has also recorded a 60-seconds long video screencast demonstrating how your personal photos on Facebook can become visible to strangers using this latest script.

I am sure this bug will be fixed soon…. But, for the time being you can use it to your advantage.

Happy Spying :P

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