Enhance & Improve Facebook Performance, User Experience

Enhance & Improve Facebook Performance Facebook is no doubt the best social networking site and that because it has got something for everybody. I must admit that I have been using Instagram more frequently of late and have finally learned when the best time to post on instagram is. This has helped me so much in getting to grips with the app but I certainly haven’t forgotten about Facebook. Everyone loves uploading their favourite photos for their friends to see. Although, it can be a bit of pain when the image sizing isn’t quite right. Luckily, you can use an image resizer nowadays, this can be useful for your cover photo. Anyway, apart from its ranking feature which decides whom to show on your “top news” channel (which does quite well) and the various promote features for blogger etc. here are some tips to improve facebook performance and enhance the user experience.

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5 Useful Tips for Better Facebook Performance

1. Removing Ads in Facebook

# Chrome – You can remove Facebook Ads in Chrome using the Facebook Cleanup Extension (link) for Google Chrome. Using this extension you can not only block facebook ads but also to customize the layout and to give more functionality to Facebook.

# Firefox – Once you’ve installed GreaseMonkey Addon (Link) in Firefox, restart Firefox browser and then install any one of the following user scripts to remove facebook ads.

Remove All Facebook Ads | NoFacebookAds | Hide Facebook Ads | Facebook: Cleaner

2. DeClutter Homepage : Remove Unwanted Updates of Friends or Apps

It can be annoying if your homepage gets filled with useless million time updates about games, love apps, friendships apps (mafia ways, stupid questionnaires). So, You can configure your homepage so it doesn’t display these useless stories anymore! If you hover your mouse on a story on your homepage, a Hide tab will appear on its upper right corner. Click on it and you are given two options:

  • – Hide the person publishing the story or
  • – Hide the application the story is from.

facebook Homepage  Remove Unwanted Updates of Friends or Apps

If you ever change your mind, simply click on Edit Options at the bottom right corner of the news feeds on your homepage, select the application you want and click Add To News Feeds.

3. Enlarge Thumbnail Views on Mouse Over

Enlarge Thumbnail Views on Mouse Over Facebook

Basically what is does is, it allows you to view a larger image from a thumbnail of anyone, friends or not. All you need to do is to hover the thumbnail image, and the larger photo will just pops up.

# Chrome – Facebook Photo Zoom (link) extension lets you view your friends photos, directly from your feed allowing you to see larger images. Just hover over the Facebook images and this extension zooms right in.

# Firefox – Install the image enlarger script, click here. (You also need GreaseMonkey addon, see above).

4. Automatically Post Twitter Status as your FB Status Update

– Status on Twitter :

Update Facebook Status Automatically Using Twitter (1)

– Automatically Posted as Facebook Status

Update Facebook Status Automatically Using Twitter (2)

Wouldn’t you love to update your status on both Facebook and Twitter at the same time. Here is a complete guide on adding the application which will help you to update your facebook status automatically using twitter. This way can automate your facebook status with even logging into it.

>> More Details at Update Facebook Status Automatically with Twitter Tweets

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5. Chat With Multiple Facebook Friends Easily, Quickly

The Facebook chat application is a very nice tool for communicating with friends without using any external chat software. But using facebook chat in the main interface is a problem due to multiple distractions etc.

We have already disscussed it before … continue reading at Chat With Multiple Facebook Friends Easily, Quickly.

# Some More Facebook Tips

Let us know tips you follow on your facebook…