Track PC Usage Time : Check How Much Your Computer was Used Last Week

Track PC Usage Time  Check How Much Your Computer was Used Question : “I am a father of two children, a son who is ten years old and a daughter who is fifteen years old. My children have computer of their own. In order to prevent bad infection of their study I have to limit the usage time of their computer. But it is a difficult matter for me how much time they spend on their computer. I’m also wondering if it is possible to track what websites they have been visiting, as they may be too young to be accessing sites like dosexvideo at the moment. What should I do ?”

Here are some useful tools to track computer usage time and generate reports based on pc usage.

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Track Your Computer’s Usage Time

PC On/Off Time (link) – Computer Usage Time Tracking Tool

This free time tracking tool shows the times your computer has been active during the last 3 weeks, with no previous setup required. The software doesn’t need to run in the background, because Windows OS tracks login and logoff times (working hours) by default, and the program analyses it.

pc-on-off-timeTrack PC Usage Time

Your working time is displayed graphically.

It displays the hours of operation, in a simple overview, so you can see at what times the computer was on or off. You can also connect to a network PC and create the report.

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WorkTime (link) – Computer Usage Tracking Software

WorkTime records all activities performed on a computer (launching applications, opening documents, visiting web-sites) and the actual time spent on each activity. “Actual” means that an application/document window is active (selected) and there is keyboard or mouse activity.

Track PC Usage Time - worktime

Computer usage tracking is performed in the background, automatically recording all computer related activities and time spent on each activity. Tracking runs invisibly to the user (no sounds, messages, windows displayed, etc.). When it comes to getting rid of computers, you should try this Computer Disposal specialist.

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