Google Wave Open to All : Best Tutorials, Tips & Tricks Guide

Google Wave Best Tutorials, Tips & Tricks GuideI already forgot about Google Wave… :P. Its had to do something with realtime web collaboration. After so many "days" after the invite game google finally launched it openly to the public.

Google Wave Blog – Starting today, we are making Google Wave openly available to everyone as part of Google Labs. You no longer need an invitation to wave — simply visit and sign right in.

In case you never heard of Google Wave before or forgot all about it … then, Google Wave is an online software application, which Google described as "a new web application for real-time communication and collaboration". Check the video below to understand how it works.

Great isn’t it. Check out some great google Wave tips and Tutorials below…

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Best Google Wave Tutorials, Tips & Tricks

# Basic Google Wave Tips

  • When you write any blip (message) in google wave, the first line of the message become the title of your message. So write your important words at the beginning of the message.
  • “Replay” button in the tool bar is use to send a new blip to the selected user.
  • If you want to upload a file during your discussion, then you have to click on “Paperclip” icon to enable the “Files” function. After uploading the file using Paperclip icon, the “Files” option will get enable.
  • Double click in the middle of a blip to send a new replay.
  • If you saw a message “Continue this thread” it means that no one has responded to your blip.
  • Click in the middle of two conversation to male a new replay to the user.

# Using Google Wave – Basics

# Uploading Photos / Embedding Images in Google Wave

# 15 Useful Features of Google Wave

# Google Wave: Live Collaborative Editing

You can also check Mashable’s Google Wave: A Complete Guide (Link).

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