Fix Blurred Images Taken by Digital Camera without Photoshop

Many times while taking a picture with a digital camera, a slight shake in hands cause photo to become blurred. It also happens due to lack of proper focus adjustment which results in blurry photos.

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Here are 2 types :

  • Camera Out of Focus – A single pixel expands out to a circle of pixels. The blur is an equal amount in all directions.
  • Motion Blur – The camera or subject move while the picture is taken. The blur is only in one direction.

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Sharpen Unclear, Blurred Photos Easily – Fix Motion, Shake Blurs

There are 2 easy to use softwares to fix blurred digital photos in just a few clicks. Worth a try…

# Unshake (Link) – Fix Blurry Images

Unshake improves blurred and shaken photographs by working out the form of the blurring, then deducing what the picture would have looked like if it had not been blurred. It can also intelligently remove dithering and rasters, and it can work through the lines found on magazine pictures quite well. You can find detailed instructions here.

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# Focus Magic (Link) – Blurred Photo Enhancement Software

Focus Magic is a very useful software in correcting blurry digital photos without adding background noise. Of course, no software can go back in time to put the missing details in a photo. While there are software to help fix blurry digital photos, taking sharp photos as much as possible will lessen the time it takes you to fix blurry ones.

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