Get Free Email Delivery Reports: Track Emails when Read

Free Email Delivery Reports: Track Email Messages if Read We send out some dozens of emails every day. But there are some which you want to make sure if it has been read or not. Here are 3 easy ways to get free email delivery reports when you send an email.

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Track Email Messages You’ve Send with Delivery Reports

Get Free Email Delivery Reports : Track Email Messages# SpyPig (Link) – Quick, Easy Email Tracking System

SpyPig is a simple email tracking system that sends you a notification email as soon as the recipient opens and reads your message.

I have use this can it really works well… It gives you all the details of the user you send to when he, she opens the email containing the spypig tracking image (see right).

Plus, it requires no registration and free.

It works with virtually all modern email programs: Outlook, Eudora, Yahoo Email, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL Email and many others.

The system is very easy to use. In just few minutes, you’ll be able to use it like a real spy!

# MailTracking – Get Notified when your Emails are Read

Track Email Messages You've Send with Delivery ReportsMailTracking is the most powerful and reliable email tracking service that exists today. In short – MailTracking sends free email delivery reports when the email you sent gets read / re-opened / forwarded and so much more.

Step 1 – Create an account at (free)

Step 2 – Simply add: to the end of your recipients email address (they won’t see this). (For eg. friend’[email protected])

Step 3 – Now, wait for the email delivery report when your recipient opens the email.

They also provide SMS alerts, messenger alerts etc. and other great features.

# WhoReadMe (Link) – Keep track on e-mails you sent

Get Free Email Delivery Reports : Track Email MessagesStop worries about people not replying your e-mails. WhoReadMe will notify you when your e-mails get read or forwarded.

WhoReadMe tells you read duration, recipient actual location, organization name, operating system, etc. This is a really nice free email tracking service because of the huge number of cool features available in the email delivery report.

You could consider using ZeroBounce’s Email checker service: a powerful tool with many productivity features that will make your emailing experience that much more positive.

Let us know which method you are using…

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