Combine Two Songs – Merge Audio Files to Create Medley

Debajyoti Das
May 30, 2010
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Combine Two Songs - Merge Audio Files to Create Medley Are you looking for ways to combine songs and merge them to create a medley ? Then here are two ways to help you mix songs. You can either do it like a pro using a dj program or using audacity.

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# Merging Audio Files with a DJ Software

Check our some of the best DJ softwares to mix songs and download the one you like. I use Virtual DJ (best) to create medleys and audio mixes.

Load the first song you want to combine and drag it from the explorer to the turntable A on the left side of the program.

Do the same thing for the second song you want to merge with the first one and load it in Turntable B on the right.

Now, the things you have to do is play the first and switch to the second you want to merge… and record the whole thing. Watch the videos below as it will be easier to learn to combine two songs using them.

Combining Two Songs in VDJ

Recording Your Performance

I think this is the best way to merge and mix two songs since you can use a lot of settings and have a smooth transition between the two tracks.

You can find more Virtual DJ video tutorials Here

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# Combine Two Songs Using Audacity

Download and install Audacity, a sound manipulation program.

Combine Two Songs - Merge Audio Files to Create Medley

  • Load Audacity and Open the songs you want to combine. Select (highlight) the waves you see in the second song.
  • Go to Edit – Copy (or press CTRL-C) and Position your cursor after the waves you see in the first song.
  • Go to "Edit – Paste" (or press CTRL-V)
  • Go to "File – Export as MP3".
  • Fill in the fields (this is optional) and Wait until it is complete.

Here is a video tutorial of using Audacity to combine two songs : Link

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