Stop Windows Blue Screen Error Caused by Device Drivers

When Windows detects a problem from which it cannot recover, it displays Stop messages. These are text-mode error messages that…

When Windows detects a problem from which it cannot recover, it displays Stop messages. These are text-mode error messages that report information about the condition. Stop messages, sometimes referred to as blue screen of death (BSoD), contain specific information that can help you diagnose and stop blue screen error caused by a device or driver.

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# Find Out Which Type of Blue Screen Error is Causing Your PC to Crash

BlueScreenView (Link) scans all files created during your minidump “blue screen of death” crashes, and displays information about all accidents at a table. For each accident, BlueScreenView shows the minidump file name, date and time of the accident, the accident shows basic information on the blue screen. The blue screen of death can really effect productivity, especially if it happens to a business computer. This is why it’s important that businesses have the proper IT Support so they can quickly fix any errors they run into.

Stop Windows Blue Screen Error Caused by Device Drivers

For each accident shown in the top pane, you can see the details of the device drivers loaded during the clash in the bottom pane. BlueScreenView pilots also mark their addresses found in the crash of battery, so you can find the drivers suspected that the probable cause of the accident.

# Fix Windows Blue Screen Errors

Reading the Blue Screen will just cause you confusing. It will only help to write down the STOP number near the bottom of the screen.

Stop Windows Blue Screen Error Caused by Device Drivers

Stop 0x0000009F or DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE (above screenshot)

Indicates that a driver is in an inconsistent or invalid power state, can occur after installing faulty applications or drivers or system services. For drivers, disable, remove, or roll back that driver to to determine if this resolves the error. If it does, contact the hardware manufacturer for a possible update. Using updated software is especially important for backup programs, multimedia applications, antivirus scanners, and CD mastering tools.

Stop 0x0000000A or IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

If you encounter a Stop 0xA message, the problem might be due to an incompatible driver, system service, virus scanner, or backup.


The problem might be due to a memory leak caused by an application or service that is not releasing memory correctly.

Stop 0x00000024 or NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM

If you are not using the NTFS file system, and the system partition is formatted with the file allocation table (FAT16 or FAT32) file system there are write errors while pagin due the limit on FAT32. You can also resolve this situation by adding more RAM

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Stop 0x0000002E or DATA_BUS_ERROR

Hard disk corruption can also cause this Stop message. The problem might also be due to cracks, scratched traces, or defective components on the motherboard. If all else fails, take the system motherboard to a repair facility for diagnostic testing.


Defective memory (including main memory, L2 RAM cache, video RAM) or incompatible software (including remote control and antivirus software) might cause Stop 0x50 messages.

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This Stop message can also indicate disk hardware failure, disk data corruption, or possible virus infection.

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Stop 0x0000003F or NO_MORE_SYSTEM_PTES

The Stop 0x3F message indicates one or more of the following problems:

If a file name is given, you need to disable, remove, or roll back that driver. Disable the service or application and confirm that this resolves the error.

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by Chris Pirillo

Trobleshoot Hardware. Sometimes people will receive a Blue Screen of Death after adding new hardware to their system. To prevent this from happening, make sure you install the drivers from the hardware manufacturers website. Drivers will not only help the computer detect what you have installed, it will also stop blue screen error caused by a device or driver. It is similar to troubleshooting servers, for example, if you were using a WAMP server and the msvcr110.dll is missing it might be a good idea to reinstall drivers to fix it but there can be a variety of different issues that are causing it so be prepared to try a range of solutions.

Safe Mode Testing. When you enter the Safe Mode screen, you have the options to start it without networking or to start it normally. If you think it is a internet problem, trying booting with Safe Mode with networking off.

Update Windows. Try to update windows for the fixes for the problems. One would suggest waiting for the operating system to become more stable with new Service Packs that come with updates and Fixes for drivers.

Google It : Write down the STOP number near the bottom of the screen and search it by using Google to help you solve the situation. This is yet another way to help you solve the issue if everything else fails. :P

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