Choose the Best Mobile Plans, SIM Network, Promo Offers in India

ChangeMyNetwork is an very cool online portal that will help you find the best mobile networks and choose mobile plans that benefit you in your cell phone usage expenses.

They aim to provide mobile users the best network and plans based on their mobile usage in their Telecom circles. It thus empowers mobile users to scientifically get the best deals for themselves without having to rely on hearsay and saves mobile users from falling prey to marketing strategies by Networks that do not lay down the hidden costs in deals that they push through as a part of the marketing blitz.

Check out their Video Demo (Link) on how to use the portal to choose mobile plans.

The real value ofwill be realized once Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is introduced in India. MNP allows users to migrate from one network to the other without having to change their numbers for a payment of Rs. 19/- only.

Once MNP is functional in India, the power of ChangeMyNetwork will be unleashed, as it would then facilitate seamless migration across networks to get significant long term cost benefits. For this, India would need to wait till September 2010, the new revised deadline set by the Department of Telecommunications.

Our aim is to ensure that we give our customers the best value for their hard earned money. At the same time we wish to ensure that we are continuously evolving and increasing the reach of ChangemyNetwork from being just a portal.

> Go to ChangeMyNetwork : Link.

The current operational phase of ChangeMyNetwork doesnt facilitate a change from one network to the other. However, it helps you decide the best network for you. 

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