Top 10 Sites to Maintain, Track Your Fitness Journal Online

You’re on fire with enthusiasm and desire to take control of your body and whip it back into shape. You’ve…

You’re on fire with enthusiasm and desire to take control of your body and whip it back into shape. You’ve taken workout tips from sites like Wisdoms of Health and you feel ready to tackle anything that comes your way. You know the importance of planning and tracking when it comes to reaching fitness goals. At the same time you love technology and would really like to use the Internet to help track your journey to fitness. Some key factors that you might record could include: fats, carbs, salts and sugars. This can be a struggle as there are few easy-to-use platforms for the job. By searching in Google, “how to count carbs” many websites came up in the results, some good and bad but ultimately if you shop around you’ll find the platform that works for you and your workout schedule.

Best Websites to Keep Track of Your Fitness Online

You’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at the top 10 resources on the Web for maintaining a fitness journal.

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Best Websites to Keep Track of Your Fitness Online

# BodyDaemon (Url)

BodyDaemon offers a free online fitness journal where users can record every aspect of their workouts (duration, weight lifted, repetitions, distance traveled, etc), daily food intake, and body measurements such as waist, weight and muscle sizes, and goals. There are a number of custom reports and graphs that can be created and analyzed. The nice thing about BodyDaemon is that it works like a fitness community where other members can help coach one another and discuss various fitness topics. There are even forums for discussing injuries, ways to publish articles and fitness ideas, and a tools to map a distance run, walked or cycled where the tool will calculate the distance for you. It is free, cool analysis toos and has a Facebook feel to it, so it nabs the top fitness journal spot.

# MyFitnessJournal (Url)

MyFitnessJournal is a free journal for tracking fitness and nutrition on the web. It will allow the user to keep track of foods, exercises, and measurements daily. It has easy to use reports and allows the user to customize their journal and share it with others. There are over 8000 foods and 500 exercises in the journal’s database. This site excels when it comes to the simple and painless food entry which minimizes time adding food entries and maximizes the user’s time viewing results and charts. For the cost (free) and what it has to offer, this fitness journal is hard to beat.

# MyFitnessJournal (Url)

The fitness journal offered by Strength and Body is touted as the world’s first workout journal blog community. The fitness journal allows the user to create a free online workout journal and blog. It offers customizable information pages about you. It also has a very efficient workout entry tool. The journal and blog can also be personalized with a number of different themes. Users also get 10MB of free storage for personal videos and photos which can be embedded into workout entries and blog posts.

# FitNovo (Url)

FitNovo is an online fitness journal that helps users plan for specific goals. Some goals include losing 20 pounds, running a marathon, and increasing one’s bench press. This is called the plan phase. The next step is the do phase where the tool helps users track their nutrition and helps them make better food choices. The final phase is the become phase which helps users track their fitness progress and refine their routines for better results. FitNovo also has a number of fitness calculators, a workout program manager, fitness articles and an exercise database.

# Fitday (Url)

Fitday allows you to track your nutrition, exercise, and weight loss goals. As you track your progress you can review things like calories burned, nutrition eaten, and weight loss. The basic membership is free and includes daily calorie counts, detailed nutrition for lots of foods, long term diet analysis, and more. They also have a premium membership which will get rid of advertising, allow custom tracking and unlock advanced reporting.

# FitnessJournal (Url)

This resource allows you to enhance your diet and exercise program via an interactive tool to manage your diet and workout information. It also allows you to track up to 72 different activities and sports with the fitness journal. Fitness Journal is a web based program that allows users to keep track of fitness, health, and weight loss goals and customize reports. It also has discussion groups that allows members to communicate with one another. It has various levels of membership with a one month membership going for $7.95 and 3 year membership going for $89.95. If you like bells and whistles, you’ll love the fitness journal. It even has an iPhone App.

# DailyBurn (Url)

DailyBurn is very easy to use. It allows users to track what they eat with a few mouse clicks and there is almost no data entry. Recording workouts is fast and easy, too. You can also network with other people which works as a source of accountability for reaching fitness goals. It is free to join and there is even a (iPhone App for tracking your fitness). It doesn’t have the deep analysis tools of some of the other online journals but if you are looking for help with motivation and accountability, then this is the fitness journal for you.

# BodyGain (Url)

The BodyGain fitness journals are a set of free fitness journals with a dynamic charting system. BodyGain allows the user to track weight and a number of measurements. It also can be used for setting goals, reminders, and has a number of rich graphical charts for analyzing results. If your looking for a journal for tracking goals and body measurements, then this is the journal for you. It doesn’t have much in the way of tracking workout routines or diet information though that is planned for in the future.

# FitSugar (Url)

The Fitsugar fitness and food journals are geared more towards women. They are free for download and printing and allows the user to pencil in their workout plan as well as keep track of food intake. Although they are more hands-on, the printouts are nice and straightforward for tracking fitness and nutrition.

# ActivityFitnessJournals (Url)

The activity fitness journals offered are training logs that cater to one of three sports; golf, running, or general exercise. The guide is formatted for the user to write their goals, weekly events, self-assessments and accomplishments. It is more hands on and doesn’t have any bells or whistles but the printouts that you get (192 total) for $15 are rather nice and will cover 12 months of progress.

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