Create Amazing ASCII Text Designs Logo, Text Graffiti Art

ASCII Art has a long history among geeks. Here are a few online tools to help you create amazing looking ascii text designs and graffiti logos out of just plain text. You can also convert images into ascii art.

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Top 3 Text to ASCII Art Converters Online

#  TAAG (Link) Text Ascii Art Generator

Create Amazing ASCII Text Designs Logos, Text Graffiti

This is probably one of the best ascii text generator acc. to me. It has lot of cool fonts and popular graffiti fonts. In fact you will find all types of fonts you see in arcade video games. Plus there are various options  like the "Test All" which generates ascii logo version of a text word in all the possible fonts.

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# Asciimo (Link) Create ASCII Text Art Online

Create Amazing ASCII Text Designs Logos, Text Graffiti

To create amazing ASCII text designs written in cool original typography, you can use a free service called Asciimo. In seconds you can create your own custom written ASCII. Write the words you want to convert to ASCII and select from obver 100 font typefaces. Copy the text to save it.

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# AsciiConvert (Link) Convert Images to ASCII text

See the top right pic in this post generated with AsciiConvert.

Image upload : You can also upload images and convert them. They will only be uploaded once. After that, you can try resizing and changing the images, without having to wait for the upload each time. Supported image file formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP and most others.

Create Amazing ASCII Text Designs Logos, Text Graffiti

URLs to images : To convert an image to ASCII, you have to enter the address to the image location. You can usually get this by right-clicking on the image and choose COPY IMAGE LOCATION, or something like that.

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