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Guest Aricle by Arpit Rai of VoiceTap.

Ask Questions to Experts, Get Answers on Mobile Free What do you do when you need an instant answer to some question on some topic? Most likely you would get online and do a search on Google. A random Google search would inundate you with hundreds of links. To get a specific answer to your question, youd probably end up browsing through tens of such links. Is this an effective way of searching for information? Perhaps.

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VoiceTap (Link) : Ask Experts and Get Answers on Mobile For Free

If searching on Google doesnt help, youll ask your family and friends in case they know the answer. They might or might not be able to help depending on their knowledge expertise and whether they know somebody who knows somebody who can answer the question. Slightly complicated.

Wouldnt it be effective if an Expert was just a phone call away? If you have a question, you pick up your mobile phone and connect with an Expert in real-time who will give you a precise answer to your question. Thus evolved the concept of Voicetap. We help people connect to Experts on various topics in real-time.

You can connect with Experts through Voicetap by following a simple 3 step process:

  1. Send your query by SMS to 9212148888. Eg: weight loss, iit jee, mba
  2. Voicetap would then search for experts and send you a SMS with the relevant profiles available at that moment in time.
  3. Reply to that SMS with TAP. Voicetap will then outcall to you. Listen to the profiles of the different experts available and connect with one of them based on their profiles!

Or you could just enter your search topic and your mobile number in the widget below and click the Submit button. If Experts are available at that point in time click the Click- to-Call button Voicetap would then outcall to you. Just listen to the profiles of the available Experts and connect with one of them!

For Webmasters :

You can embed a widget (like below) in your Blog, website and help users to ask questions and get free answers.

Experts on various topics have registered on the platform there are Experts in Education, Health, Career, Finance and many more. Give the system a whirl and let us know your feedback.

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