Top 5 Sites: Find Best Videos of the Day, Popular Viral Videos of Week or Month

Discovering interesting stuff like finding best videos of the day on the internet really helps you gain some authority on social networking and bookmarking sites. And there is nothing better that sharing the most popular viral videos with your friends online.

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Discover, Find Best Videos Online – Top 5 Sites

Vimeo Discover : One of the best sites on the Internet to find videos incredibly creative and well made. Chances are you will not find those viral videos easily, unless they are true works of art. You can with Vimeo. You must be logged in to see the Discover tab. I recommend the Staff Picks.

Popular YouTube Videos : Although it is an obvious place to find best videos which many people overlook. What I like is to find the most popular videos categorized by different areas: comedy, education, entertainment, film and animation, games, music, news and politics, and other additional categories. If you have vision and common sense you are getting the next big hit before anyone else. : The best sociological experiment in real time so you can find online. Here you can find what people are watching, almost live.Videos that are collected are shared by Twitter (and elsewhere) using the web address shortening, thus establishing this television channel with the most relevant of the last minute.

Viral Video Chart : One of the best rankings of viral videos on the Internet. You can find the top 20 or top 100 with the most watched videos, linked and shared Internet. The truth is that works very well. The most important viral videos at any given time are in the top 10 on this page. You can find statistics for each video, blogs that link, references on Twitter, and when it was discovered.

Guardian Viral Video Chart : The famous English newspaper The Guardian has his own ranking of viral videos. The interesting thing is that there are comments in every video and you can learn about aspects of the video in other places not given any importance. Excellent site to discover viral videos that have a somewhat more global or European.

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