Resize Window Bookmarklet Chrome: Check Different Resolutions

Resize Window in Chrome to Test Website in Different Resolutions You might want to resize chrome window to emulate various screen resolutions in the browser to preview website in different resolutions. It’s useful for designers/coders for testing their work on various resolutions. It also has the ability to set the browser’s window size or the viewport size.

Chrome Resize Window in Browser – Test, Preview in Multiple Screen Resolution

# Chrome Extension: Window Resizer (Link)

This extension resizes the browser’s window in order to emulate various resolutions. It is particularly useful for web designers and developers by helping them test their layouts on different browser resolutions. The resolutions list is completely customizable.

There are 3 Screen Preview types available:

  • Desktop (standard; resize the entire window to the specified resolution)
  • Laptop/Notebook (same as Desktop, but different icon; makes it easier to scan the resolutions list)
  • Mobile (different than the previous two; this applies the specified dimensions to the viewport, not to the entire window, because mobile browsers usually have no borders)

# Browsersize (Link) : Test Website in Different Resolutions in Google Chrome Online

A nifty online tool for setting your browser size while doing Web design. Click on one of the links to set your browser’s size to one of the standard screen resolutions, or use them as bookmarklets.

Another similar tool is ResizeMyBrowser (url) is online tool to resize chrome browser size based on screen resolution.

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