Create Upload Page/Form to Directly Upload Files to Any DropBox Account

Create Uploads Page/Form & Directly Upload to DropBox Account If you have a blog, or if you manage your college, business website etc, you might consider making an uploads page for your readers or users. This way they can upload files or images they want to send to you directly from your website, blog’s upload page/form.

For eg, Students can upload their assignments from their teacher’s upload page on his free site. And since Dropbox is free, setting up this upload system is very easy.

How it Works ?

You can create this simple Upload Page for your website which will allow anyone to upload files to a particular folder in your Dropbox account. All you need is a web server that supports php.

Check out Amit Banerjee’s post about uploading to dropbox from a webpage. There he mentions about modifying a index.php file with your Dropbox login. (Follow the video below to get an clear idea)

Download those source files (link) and follow steps below.

Setting Up an Upload Page for Your Website, Blog

Step 1 : In case you don’t have a website. You need to have a web hosting account which supports php scripts. Most free web hosting providers have this.

Step 2 : Create a Folder from your File Manager and Upload the Files (modified with your Dropbox Login) as mention above.

Create an Uploads Page and Link It to Your DropBox Account

(Note : I created the Uploads Page using free hosting at, and you need a account)

Step 3 : Now, test your upload page if its working fine.

You can use this page as you like but the main idea it to publicly upload the files to any Dropbox Account from a upload page/form.

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