Blogs Like Lifehacker – Best PC Tips, Internet, Technology Blogs

If you are looking for blogs like lifehacker which post amazing content. In fact the sites below are the most followed blogs about PC Guides and Tips. Check them out below.

Top 5 Blogs about PC Guides, Internet Tips

Blogs Like Lifehacker - 5 Best PC Tips, Internet Tricks Blogs# How-To Geek – One of the best source of How To articles anywhere, with content easy enough for beginners but useful enough for geeks as well. You can look for solutions of several types of computer problems and that too in very simple steps especially windows problem. An excellent resource to make windows work better for you.

Blogs Like Lifehacker - 5 Best PC Tips, Internet Tricks Blogs# MakeUseOf – is an online advice site that offers tips on fixing problems or customizing aspects of your life.  The site hosts over 200,000 subscribers. MakeUseOf has been featured in a number of prominent publications, and was named one of the Top 100 websites by PC Magazine several times. The site also offers a number of in depth PDF guides to thoroughly explain applications, and act as a user manual for those wishing to customize their experience.

Blogs Like Lifehacker - 5 Best PC Tips, Internet Tricks Blogs # Digital Inspiration – This site is an award winning technology site with 6,000 articles along with how to guides and video tutorials about things related to personal technology, software and useful web apps. The top of the site has a useful search bar to find How to Guides, Videos, Tech Tips. Each post is very precise and well written and provides a lot of valuable information on the subject. A must read blog for your daily technology inspiration.

# AddictiveTips – reviews the best freeware and services from around the web and routinely cover latest tips and tweaks on Windows, Mac, and other Operating Systems. They also cover the latest Mobile and Hardware guides. Their aim, however, is to explore the web and bring the best possible tips and freeware for the readers.

Blogs Like Lifehacker - 5 Best PC Tips, Internet Tricks Blogs # Download Squad – is part of the industry powerhouse Weblogs, Inc. network, and is affiliated with the AOL Tech family of sites. A sister to other popular WIN sites like Engadget, The Unofficial Apple Weblog, Switched and Joystiq, Download Squad’s primary editorial mission is to seek out the best in tools, utilities and applications, browser add-ons, distractions, time-wasters and other facets of your digital lifestyle.

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