Ways Around Blocked Website – Unblock Facebook at Work, School

Ways Around Blocked Website - Unblock Facebook at Work, School Recently I was talking about how to block facebook at work, school LAN. So here is a way to unblock facebook, twitter, myspace or any other website that has been blocked by you school or workplaces’ network admin. So the next time you can’t access facebook or any other site due to being blocked you can use the tips below.

Unblock Facebook, Twitter – Ways Around Blocked Websites

# Using the IP Address of the Website

Step 1 : Find the IP Address of a website by typing ping domain.com in cmd (command prompt) or terminal. You can also find it online at this page.

Ways Around Blocked Website - Unblock Facebook at Work, School

Step 2 : Type in that IP Address in the browser’s URL address bar and press enter. And you might be able to access that site.

Surprisingly, this has worked for me everytime, everywhere.

Random Tip : Automatically Disable Wireless When Connected to LAN

# Using a Proxy to Bypass Site Ban, Country Ban and Surf Anonymously by Hiding your Network IP

Hide My Ass (Link) is an advanced yet simple to use application which anonymously encrypts your entire internet connection. Access any blocked website through HidemyAss and your internet connection will be encrypted and your IP address (and in some cases your country) will be virtually changed with just a click of a button.

Ways Around Blocked Website - Unblock Facebook at Work, School

There are other proxies you can find by Googling for for free proxy like netbreast. But Hidemyass works best.

# Browse with an Anonymous Web Brower that Hides you PC’s IP Address

Try xB Browser for free anonymous browsing. xB Browser empowers you to do instant anonymous browsing from anywhere. Now you can do anonymous browsing without any configuration or technical knowledge. Download the portable version from Pendriveapps.

# Using Website Translation Services Online to Unblock Sites

Simply use Google or yahoo translate to translate a website for you, and you might be able to access the translated website. See the video below.

Tip : Block Adult, Explicit Content Sites on your Computer

# [Expert] Bypass Most Firewall Restrictions and Access the Internet Privately

Recently employers and universities are becoming aware of the amount of time your employees or students are spending on the Internet for personal reasons. It is clear that employers want to discourage this behavior and may implement a number of different ways to do so.

Check Out : http://www.buzzsurf.com/surfatwork/

This guide discusses a way an employee or student can securely access the Internet while at work or school, and also get around some common firewall restrictions that prevent you from using most networked programs.

# [Video] View Blocked Websites using TOR

Let us know if these helped you or not…

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