Change File Creation Date, Last Edited Timestamp on Folders, Files

Just like the title says here are 3 free utilities to change file creation date in windows of any program,…

Change File Creation Date, Last Modified Date Just like the title says here are 3 free utilities to change file creation date in windows of any program, file or folder. Sometimes this might be necessary for too many reasons. But a farfetched idea is if a team of developed working on a program in different time zone then the compiler will face timestamp errors.

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Change File Creation Date, Last Modified Date of Files & Folders

# eXpress TimeStamp Toucher (Link)

XTST is an small freeware utility to change file creation date and modify timestamp attributes of couple of files at once. After starting the program, on the screen should appear the main program window. Enter path to root folder of files to processing, check or uncheck appropriate checkboxes, enter the date and time values and click the "Start" button.

# Restamper (Link)

Restamper modifies time stamps of files. Supporting the precision of 100 nanoseconds, the full range of date and time that Windows takes can be handled. Logs and backups are provided in files. As long as you keep backup files, it is possible to restore the old state.

# NewFileTime (Link)


Change the Creation Date of a File, Folder

With this utility everyone can have the ability to make quick corrections and change the creation date, last access and modification dates/times of the files or folders on their PC. With this you can specify if files, folders or both will have their dates/times modified. This also specifies if just files and/or folders in the indicated directory are to be modified or if those items in the entire directory tree will be modified.

# TimeStamp (Link)

This is as basic a "Touch" program as you’ll find. Just enter in the offset in days, hours and minutes (positive will push file times into the future, negative into the past), select your files, then hit "Go". Simple. Each file selected (either a single file or a complete directory tree) has it’s "Last Modified" time set to the current time plus the offset that you choose. The program remembers the last offset you’ve set, the last 10 files and directories you’ve stamped, and it’s last screen location.

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