View, Edit or Open Very Large Text Files in Windows [Freeware]

Did you ever try to open a text file like .xml, .csv, .sql etc which are mostly large in size, few MB maybe, with out windows notepad. With a low RAM PC, Notepad will probably crash windows trying to open very large text files.

But here is an useful free software you can use to open large text files in windows easily, even if the size is in GBs.

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Large Text File Viewer (Link) – Large Text File Editor, Opener

View, Edit or Open Very Large Text Files in Windows [Freeware]

This program was designed for viewing large (>1GB) text files. It uses little memory and is able to open a gigabyte file instantly. Background file indexing makes browsing even faster.

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It opens files that are currently being written by other programs, and automatically checks and reads the files if new contents have been appended. It supports view split. The user may split the view either horizontally or vertically, and have each side show different portion of the same file.

View, Edit or Open Very Large Text Files in Windows [Freeware]

It allows the user to perform high-speed complex text search by means of plain text or regular expression. The regular expression syntax is slightly different from the standard ones. The regular expressions for finding the following items have been provided as preset for the convenience of the users.

For CSV (Comma Separated Value) files, when the user hovers the mouse over any field in the file, a hint automatically  appears with the field name. The program opens and displays both ANSI and Unicode text files.

Other Features include, It allows the user to change display parameters, You may use mouse wheel scroll to increase/decrease the font size and use drag-and-drop to open a text file.

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