How Long Can Free Mail Stay Inactive Till Email Account Disabled

How Long Can Free Mail Stay Inactive Till Email Account Disabled Ever wondered how long can your free email account stay inactive, unattended before the email account disabled, deleted by the email provider. Here’s what’s said by the top 3 free email services.

Does Your Free Email Account Shut Down Due to Being Inactive

# GMail (Google Mail Account)

Google may terminate your account in accordance with the terms of service if you fail to login to your account for a period of nine months.

Note: This means if you can log into any Google Service not only Gmail, like Picasaweb, Blogger, youtube, orkut etc. to keep the account active.

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# Hotmail

A free Hotmail account becomes inactive if you do not sign in for 30 days, or within the first 10 days after signing up for an account. Once an account becomes inactive, all messages, folders, and contacts are deleted, but the account name is still reserved. If the account stays inactive for a further 90 days, it is permanently deleted.

# Yahoo!

Yes, Yahoo! Mail accounts are deactivated and removed after four months of not being used. When an account is deactivated, you cant access it, regardless of whether an email has been received in the account during that time.

Also, if you log into your email account using for eg., gmail desktop clients etc, that will still count as a login.

So, I guess its not that hard to keep you free email account active incase if you are not much of a web user. But nowadays with web access via hand held devices, accessing an online email account, uploading videos, remotely accessing pc etc is not really a problem.

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