View Website Text Only, No Images: Show Hide Images On Demand

This is what I was looking for to view website text only without images with a choice to load images if I want. Not only this improves the website load speed on your slow internet connection but it helps you avoid embarrassing moments by loading only text on ‘those’ type of articles which sometimes contain nsfw images.

Load Web Page Text Only, Without Images: View Images On Demand

Decreased Productivity Browser Plugin

Decreased productivity provides tools for quietly and efficiently navigate the web, in situations that otherwise may not. In other words, you can more safely goof off at work ! Decreased Productivity (DP) adds two buttons to the status bar to switch the operating mode or disable security on the tab or browser level.

Load Web Page Text Only, Without Images: View Images On Demand

Safe working mode applies a stylesheet to the page you turn the page in black text on a white background, removes background images makes the images almost invisible, but visible on mouse over, and hides all flash, java applets or embedded. You are able to customize the colors by going to the Options page.

Install DP for Firefox (Link) or Chrome (Link)

I am not so sure why its called ‘Decreased’ productivity but since it serves my purpose well I think I will go for it. You can also check out TidyRead which lets you view website text only and images if your want.

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