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Guest Post by Daniel Offer about Chit Chat, an awesome free facebook add on, desktop chat application client software.

Facebook Chat Desktop Application Client : Download Chit Chat

A Self-Standing Facebook Add On: Chit Chat for Facebook

The add on for Facebook called Chit Chat is available for free download with a one minor must-know about its use. Overall, the desktop Facebook add on is easy to install with its wizard interface for quick setup in a matter of minutes. Fully integrated with your Facebook contacts list, you can be up and chatting in no time at all. As a self-standing Facebook add on, Chit Chat serves it purpose with expertise and novelty.

Chit Chatting With Facebook Friends Grows Exponentially

Initially, the wizard provides installation in less than a minute giving a good impression as to its professional design and support. As the Facebook chat add on launches, a bit of déjà vu may occur since it looks like your average chat messenger interface. Only this time, you get the opportunity to post notice of your new Facebook add on installation to your Facebook page. And, instead of tracking down your YM or MSN contacts, you suddenly have an instant connection to all your Facebook contacts, whether that is 50 or 300 or more!

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Instant Connections Make Chit Chat A Relationship Builder

The two greatest benefits this Facebook add on provides are convenience and functionality. Its convenient that you can use Chit Chat without requiring the other end-user to have it installed. Chit Chat for Facebook collaborates nicely within the inset Facebook chat application. And, most importantly, you don’t have to load your Facebook page to drop a quick personal ‘hello’ to your contacts. It is a superior way for developing greater personal and business relationships.

Facebook Add On Aims To Cross Cultural Borders

Chit Chat has incorporated multiple languages for the interface, including Spanish, Swedish, and Vietnamese. The language settings, however, beckon for greater integration. Like some chat software, translation of your chat text into another language would broaden its application for multi-cultural connections. With Facebook, borders do not exist in terms of who you can connect with, so incorporating language translation into Chit Chat’s functionality could likely launch it into a one hit wonder. With that said, why would you add to Facebook someone whom you couldnt understand?

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Chit Chat Connects Directly To Friends’ Walls

With a user-friendly yet standard interface, Chit Chat at first seems like any other chat software. But, a simple right click on a friend’s name reveals the instant opportunity to post directly to their wall, as well as send a direct message to them even when offline. As an obvious extension specifically designed for Facebook, Chit Chat effectively capitalizes on the power of maintaining contact with all sorts of people through the most used application on the social media market next to Twitter.

Chit Chat Offers Easy Wall Updates

The final and greatest feature is likely to be the simple status bar at the top of the application that allows a user to quickly update his Facebook status without loading Facebook directly. Facebook is known for being so robust that loading it can be difficult for those with slower connections. This feature solves the problem for casual posters and adds convenience to power users.

Chit Chat Provides Excellent Ongoing Support

A good application isn’t complete without dedicated developers who provide the latest solutions in problem solving bugs or user difficulties. Armed with a current and personalized FAQs page, the Chit Chat program is aimed at growing with its users’ expectations and needs. Combined with its freemium status, this makes the Facebook add on an easy sell for any Facebook user. It is not unexpected that a future release will harness the power of mobile technology for the same Facebook audience considering it empowers friends to connect more often.

Facebook Chat Desktop Application Client

Chit Chat Is Born Out Of Facebook Expertise

Estimations of Chit Chat’s success in this review are based on the plethora of expertise afforded to website visitors via articles, press releases and FAQs. The developers of the Facebook add on are establishing a presence using the very technology they demonstrate expertise in. Overall, Chit Chat is an excellent way to bypass the games, likes and links that fill your updates more often than you’d like while still serving as a supplement for those happily engrossed in such avenues of talk and play.

# You can download the latest version of Chit Chat here.

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