Better Windows Calculator with Virtual Tape: Free Download

SFR Calculator  is a revolutionary new kind of calculator software for Windows PCs. SFR calculator can do calculations broad – such as an adding machine. You can comment your calculations and save them. Opens calculations and change again after some of the numbers. SFR calculator provided to calculate the results again. You can see the complete calculation in the virtual paper tape.

Better Windows Calculator with Virtual Tape: Free Download

> Download SFR Calculator : Link

  • Enter the terms of many of calculation on one lap and still maintain an overview – like an adding machine.
  • Use to check intermediate results and the structure calculation.
  • Your comment terms of calculation, to give meaning and context to it.
  • Enter the text "normal" for comment extended in its calculation.
  • Change any term, calculating SFR after the whole calculation will be updated automatically.
  • Keep your calculations in. Open the files later and you can change the calculations. SFR calculator will update all calculations automatically and again.
  • Use your existing files as templates Calculator SFR. Only changing certain terms of calculation and the new result is displayed immediately.

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