How to Speed Up Online Videos with Less Buffering While Streaming

How to Speed Up Online Videos with Less Buffering While StreamingWatching videos online is one thing every internet user love to do; we all love to have fun at one time or the other and there is no point in working all day without taking a break. A lot of people experience various problems when trying to watch videos online, some of these problems have to do with the internet connection theyre using and others have to do with some other things.

Make Online Videos Stream, Buffer Faster

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This post will be giving you some tips on making sure your online videos play clearly with less buffering.

Upgrade Your Internet Connection

It doesnt matter how solid your computer is, how latest your browser is and how fast the website youre trying to watch a video on is it you cant watch a video online with a dial-up internet. The first step to take when trying to watch videos online is to make sure youre using a solid broadband internet. If youre still using a dial-up internet or an old technology internet you might want to upgrade to a faster, effective and robust internet connection because thats the only way to watch videos online clearly without problems.

Clear Your Private Data and Restart Your Computer

If youre sure you have a fast and effective broadband internet there is every probability the problem is with your computer or web browser. We access a lot of websites everyday and these websites store a lot of data on our computers in the form of cookies and cache. There is a limit to the amount of these data our computer can accommodate so if your computer has exceeded its allocation you will find it difficult watching videos online. In cases like this the best thing to do is to clear your private data because this will remove everything your browser has stored on your computer. Once youve cleared your private data you should restart your system and then try to watch the video you want to watch again. You can clear your private data by clicking Ctrl>>Shift>>Delete (if you use Windows and Firefox if otherwise you might want to research how to do this online).

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Disable Applications Using Your Internet Connection

Another thing to do to get the best from watching videos on the internet is to disable applications using your internet connection. Some applications like download accelerators, torrent downloader, forex traders and your antivirus keep on using your internet connection to download or update files; in cases like this the best thing to do is to disable them. Disabling your antivirus can be very risky so you might want to see if it has settings that allow it to be used without trying to update itself automatically.

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