Leave Facebook Groups Quickly: Leave All Groups At Once

Leave Facebook Groups QuicklyOne problem with Facebook Groups is that any friend can add you to their created group without you confirming it. Now, this can be annoying at times because you may NOT be a fan of the group your friend added you to.

In an interview, founder Mark Z. said that when you add a someone to your friend list you automatically give them the right to add you to groups of similar interest. Hence, there is no option for you to avoid being added to any group without notifying you.

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How to Leave All Groups on Facebook Quickly

Leave Facebook Groups QuicklyWe all know that we can leave a group by clicking on a "Leave Group" link on the homepage of a facebook group.

But if you want to leave facebook groups quickly here is a easy way to leave any group just with single mouse click.

Step 1 : From your facebook homepage click on the See All groups option.

Leave All Facebook Groups Quickly

Step 2 : On the Groups Page you will see a list of the facebook groups you are a member of. Mouse Hover on the links and a [X] will appear beside the group name.

Leave All Facebook Groups Quickly

Step 3 : Now click on that cross (see below) and confirm that you want to leave the group and its done.

Leave Facebook Groups Quickly

Similarly, do the same with rest of the facebook groups you want to leave.

Here is a short screencast (link) of the process below…

Since the launch of facebook groups there has been both positive and negative reactions…They might be useful at times but rest of the times they can kill your time with useless clutter.

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