Improve White Background Photos, Pictures of Objects, Products, Documents

Need to take photos, pictures of any object or product, then you might not get good result taking it in front of a white screen, cloth because it won’t be 100% white like in professional magazines etc.

Here is an interesting free online tool that lets you enhance your white background photos by making the background completely white. This is great for the photographs of stones, items, products, food etc especially for thumbnails for for review sites.

Tip : Remove Background in Photos- Extract People, Objects

Enhance White Background Product Photos, Photos of Text Documents-Whiteboards

FotoFuze lets you make professional product photography, jewellery or other product photos out of ordinary photographs from ordinary cameras. For free.

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To help keep your business looking fresh and up to date, you can add sets of photos to the website and their software will process those photos into professional looking product photography for free, which you can access from any computer, any time.

Check out the video above to get an insight into how FotoFuze works…

Another good idea is you can use this to enhance text in photos of your paper documents, white board or blackboard pictures (see below).

FotoFuze is probably the only free photo enhancement service for product photography, putting your products on a crisp white background. Automatically. Their 3D Photo technology can make a page full of 3D photos. Even on mobile devices. Lets you see every product from every angle (360 view) at the same time.

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