Make Connect the Dots Puzzles: Create Dotted Worksheets for Kids

Make Connect the Dots Puzzles: Create Dotted Worksheets for KidsDot to dot printables (or connect the dots worksheets puzzles) are a fun way for kids to learn their numbers and number order.  They are easy for pre-school and kindergarten kids to connect the dots to reveal the final picture and in process help to improve hand-eye coordination in kids.

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Convert Photos, Pictures to Dotted Worksheets, Connect Dots Puzzles

PictureDots is an excellent online tool that allows you to create dotted worksheets, join the dots puzzles which can downloaded as PDF with any photo, picture of your choice for printing.

Step 1 : Find a photo or image online (use image search) and copy the image url. [right-click > select Copy Image location or Image URL]

Step 2 : Go to, use the "Make Puzzle" link and then Click on Load Image.

Step 3 : Enter the image url and click "get image".

Step 4 : After the image is loaded click on borders of the image to add dot points in order.

Step 5 : After its done click the "Make PDF" button to download the worksheet as printable pdf.

This best way to use photos of your dog, car etc. and teach your kids about stuff as well.

You can also find some readymade printable worksheets, connect dots puzzles for free download at here and here.

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