Disable Lightbox Gallery View for Facebook Photos Permanently in Chrome

Facebook recently launched their new interface for viewing photos, albums through a lightbox gallery type photo viewer which loads on clicking any picture on the wall, album. But somehow it didn’t impress most users and if you want to disable lightbox gallery view permanently here is a way for chrome browser users.

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Revert Back to Old Facebook Photo, Album Viewer

Here is a chrome extension which reverts the Facebook photo viewer to the old version, rather than using the lightbox gallery view recently introduced.

#Install Revert Facebook Photo Viewer [Link] (for Chrome)

Runs silently and efficiently in the background, and only on Facebook pages. No icons, no settings, no "fancy photo lightbox viewer" nonsense.

For other browsers, once the lightbox gallery view (theatre mode) pops up simple hit refresh [F5] or open the image link in a new tab.

You can also remove &theater at the end of the url in the address bar and press enter to show the old facebook photo viewer.

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